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U2 1981-05-11 Rainbow Music Hall Denver,CO

May 11, 1981
Rainbow Music Hall
Denver, CO

Source: FM Broadcast KAZY-FM
Lineage: KAZY-FM broadcast>Cassette tape>CDR>FLAC

I attended this show and recorded the concert when it was broadcast a couple of days later (I have included a scan of the ticket stub). This was the second time
in less than two months that U2 played this venue (the previous date was 3/28/1981). Barry Fey, the local concert promoter, convinced the band to
come back one more time before the end of thier tour, as a result of the positive response to the first show. The band also played the Rainbow Music Hall
one more time on February 27, 1982. It was during these trips to Denver that Barry Fey and Chuck Morris took the band to Red Rocks, and planted
the seed that would become "Under a Blood Red Sky", and finally the DVD (a show I also attended, and froze my a** off), and the rest is history. If you can't tell, I am
very proud of the role Denver, and Feyline Concerts, played in the early career of U2 (which was confirmed by Bono in March 1982, when I met him while I was on Spring
Break, in Phoenix, and was the only one at Wave World who knew who they were. They were the opening act for a J.Geils Band concert. Check out the enclosed picture of The Edge, Larry
and Bono, in red).

This is a first generation tape of this show, although I know other versions of this show exist out there. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this was
going to air until it was on. This resulted in me having to find a tape, and I missed most of "The Ocean". There is also a tape flip gap at the very beginning
of "Out of Control", but not too bad. The only songs I believe are missing from the set are "Twilight" and the encore of "I Will Follow" (played for the
second time!). Also, between "An Cat Dubh" and "Into the Heart" is a station ID for KAZY.

I have not done any "re-mastering" to this, so it is exactly how it aired. I apologize for the slight gap between songs, but my initial transfer to CDR
put these at the song breaks. I tried to re-transfer from the original tape, but the tape broke! This is my favorite concert that I have recorded, and it and the band hold a very
special place for me. Thank you for reading (if you have) this long trip down memory lane, and ENJOY.


1.  The Ocean (part of)
2.  11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3.  I Will Follow
4.  An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
5.  Touch
6.  Another Time, Another Place
7.  The Cry/The Electic Co.
8.  Things to Make and Do
9.  Stories for Boys
10. Boy/Girl
11. Out of Control


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