Sunday, June 18, 2017

U2 1981-05-28 The Metro Boston,MA

Date: 28.05.1981
Country / Place: USA, Boston, The Metro
Bootleg Name: The Metro
Source: Audience
Quality: Very Good

01. Bagpipes Intro [1:07]
02. The Ocean [1:43]
03. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [4:49]
04. Touch [3:01]
05. I Will Follow [3:45]
06. I Fall Down [3:05]
07. An Cat Dubh [4:29]
08. Into The Heart [3:26]
09. Fire [3:52]
10. Time, Another Place [4:34]
11. The Electric Co. [4:38]
12. Things To Make And Do [2:06]
13. Stories For Boys [2:55]
14. Boy - Girl [4:18]
15. Out Of Control [4:27]
16. Twilight [4:15]
17. I Will Follow [4:22]
18. A Day Without Me [3:06]

Total Running Time: [1:04:07]

Source history is ECM929 analog master > D6M (T.W.) > CDR.

Comments taken from Sean CDR trading page:

Good audience recording from the Boy tour, but nothing special. It is slightly distant and muffled, there is a strange buzzing throughout much of the show, and an occasional crowd "cheer" is heard.


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  1. I went to this sho having NO idea who these guys were with a friends brother who was an early fan. Don't remember it as a great show, sort of dark and smoky and small..thats all I remeber. My only reference to the date was that I was at Harvard that summer when the royals got hitched. I also remember it being being very cold out after the show. Funny to actually see that it was a somewhat acurate memory.