Thursday, July 27, 2017

U2 1981-08-31 Coasters Edinburgh, Scotland

August 31, 1981
Edinburgh, Scotland

Support:  Boots for Dancing

CD Set List: (53:39)

1.  With a Shout
2.  Twilight
3.  I Will Follow
4.  An Cat Dubh
5.  Into the Heart
6.  Another Time, Another Place
7.  I Threw A Brick Through a Window
8.  The Cry-Electric Co.
9.  Things to Make and Do.
10. Stories for Boys
11. Boy-Girl
12. Out of Control
13. Fire

Per Pimm:

"With the Simple Minds' Love Song still on the PA, U2 burst loose with With A Shout for a 50-minute party, during which the audience sing along to every song.  Several people get crushed in the crowd.  'There's a 10 year old girl down there getting squashed.' The girl is rescued from the crowd and at Bono's request she is brought onstage for a quick talk before Another Time, Another Place.  To this day, Things to Make and Do has not been played again."

This is another one for collectors only, maybe B- quality...

cdr (from trade, unknown lineage) > EAC to wav > MKWact to shn


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