Monday, July 17, 2017

U2 1981-10-06 Warwick University Coventry, England

October 6, 1981
Warwick University
Coventry, England

Support:  Comsat Angels

One Disc (60:21)

1.  Gloria
2.  Another Time, Another Place
3.  Rejoice
4.  An Cat Dubh
5.  Into the Heart
6.  I Threw A Brick
7.  Cry-Electric Co.
8.  I Fall Down
9.  October
10. Stories for Boys
11. I Will Follow
12. Twilight
13. Out of Control


14. Fire
15. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
16. The Ocean

This concert had been previously seeded, with all good intentions, by someone who only had it with lossy lineage.  This is audience recorded, and corresponds to what has elsewhere been described as "This recording would likely be excellent if it weren't so distant.  As it is, the sound is clear but quite far off.  Audience noise is minimal.  There are a few small pops between tracks."

cdr obtained in trade > EAC to wav > MKWact to shn


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