Monday, July 3, 2017

The Dillards 1989-08-04 Rooney Mountain Music Festival Deposit, NY

The Dillards
Rooney Mountain Music Festival
Deposit, NY

Source: SBD
Taped by: unknown
Transfer: master cassettes > HD > WAV > FLAC > CDR (untracked) by Zeb
Mastering: CDR (untracked) > EAC (secure) > HD > SF50 (normalized levels, clipped peaks fixed) by Jason Espie
New Transfer by Zeb (I lost the original SHNs Jason sent me): CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Disc 1 Early Set
01. ?
02. banter
03. The Old Home Place
04. banter
05. Dooley
06. banter
07. Walkin' Down The Line
08. banter
09. Sittin' on Top of the World
10. banter
11. Doug's Tune
12. Intros of band
13. banter
14. Old Blue
15. Salty Dog Blues
16. banter
17. Old Man at the Mill
18. banter
19. Somebody Touched Me

Disc 2 Late Set
01. ?
02. banter
03. I'll Never See My Home Again
04. banter
05. Ebo Walker
06. banter
07. It's Raining Here This Morning
08. banter
09. Old Man at the Mill
10. banter
11. Sittin' on Top of the World
12. banter
13. Dooley
14. Dixie Breakdown
15. banter
16. The Whole World 'Round
17. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
18. Nobody Knows
19. banter
20. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
21. banter
22. Shady Grove

Comments: these are two well-played sets by the band that's probably most well-known for playing "The Darlings" - that old-timey bluegrass band with a real jug - on The Andy Griffith Show...early on, it is noted that this gig was the tenth they'd played since getting back together in April...The Rooney Fest was well-known for its rowdy, no-holds-barred atmosphere (lots of alcohol and other various substances being enjoyed, I've heard), and the wild and muddy crowd was treated to some classic bluegrass that day...

I got these recordings from my brother on the West Coast...a friend of his had them and was looking to get rid of them, so my brother offered to take them off his hands - and I'm really glad he did!  Each cassette is labeled "Master Soundboard", and they do sound like masters, as there is no hiss!  I also have some Horseflies (4 sets), some Red Hots (4 sets), some Heartbeats (a partial set), and some Creekbend (which hasn't been transferred from the cassettes yet)...

Thanks go out to Jason Espie for mastering these sets - "Rooooooooooooooney!!!!!"


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