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Little River Band 1981-10-07 The Summit, Houston, TX

Little River Band 1981-10-07 The Summit, Houston, TX

Lineage(most likely, see lossless check below): sbd > unknown recording and transfer equipment > CD > EAC(no EAC log included in original traded files set) > Wav > Flac Frontend > Flac > my Flac files set on HD (> YOU)
Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
File Size: 369MB
Length: 55:32min
No artwork...

The Summit, Houston, TX, USA, 07th October 1981
01) It's A Long Way There 
02) Man On Your Mind
03) Mistress Of Mine
04) Happy Anniversary
05) Reminiscing
06) Ballerina
07) Cool Change
08) The Night Owls
09) Help Is On Its Way
10) Lonesome Loser
11) It's Not A Wonder
12) Lady
13) Just Say That You Love Me
Length: 55:32min
Glenn Shorrock: Vocals
Beeb Birtles: Guitar
Graham Goble: Guitar
David Briggs(or Stephen Housdon): Guitar
Mal Logan: Keyboards
Wayne Nelson: Bass
Derek Pellicci: Drums


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  1. This was released on DVD as "live exposure" some years ago