Friday, May 12, 2017

Seldom Scene 1995-12-31 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA

Seldom Scene
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
December 31, 1995

Source: SBD DAT > CD-R in trade from Steve Brauer
Retracking by CD-Wave and Encoded to FLAC and
seeded to bt.etree October 2006 by Bill Koucky

Band In Order of Appearance:
John Duffey
Ben Eldridge
Mike Aldridge
T. Michael Coleman
Moondi Klein
John Starling
Tom Gray
Lou Reed
Jimmy Gaudreau
Ronnie Simpkins
Fred Travers
Dudley Connell
Jeana Britt

Disc 1        78:22
1st Set:

1.    Big Train From Memphis
2.    Grandpa Get Your Guitar
3.    Wait A Minute
4.    The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
5.    Workin’ On A Building
6.    This Morning At 9
7.    Blue Ridge
8.    – Enter John Starling – Exit Moondi Klein
9.    Carolina Star
10.    Hickory Wind
11.    Sled Ride
2nd Set:
12.    Like We Used To Do
13.    – Enter Lou Reed – Exit John Starling
14.    Breaking New Ground
15.    Muddy Water
16.    Say You Lied
17.    Long Black Veil
18.    West Texas Wind
19.    Have Mercy On My Soul

Disc 2         66:13   
1.    Exit T. Michael Coleman - Enter Tom Gray -
2.    Sitting On Top Of The World
3.    Grandfather’s Clock
4.    – Enter John Starling – Exit Lou Reed -
5.    Hello Mary Lou
6.    Keep Me From Blowin’ Away
7.    Little Georgia Rose
8.    Raised By The Railroad Line
9.    Old Train
3rd Set:   
10.    Introducing the “New Seldom Scene” John Duffey, Ben Eldridge,
        Jimmy Gaudreau, Ronnie Simpkins, Fred Travers, Dudley Connell
11.    Our Last Goodbye Today
12.    A Reason For Being
13.    Blue Diamond
14.    Will You Be Ready To Go Home
15.    Tulsa Chili Bop
16.    Willie Roy
17.    Standing In The Need Of Prayer
18.    A Train Leaves Here This Morning

Disc 3        45:02
Everybody On Stage for Midnight
1.    NYE Countdown >
2.    Auld Lang Syne
3.    John Starling Introduces “Country Gentlemen Time”
4.    Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party
5.     - Exit John Duffey- Enter Chesapeake -
6.    Black Jack Davey
7.    Shady Grove
8.    House Of The Rising Sun >Walk Don’t Run
9.    -Enter John Starling -
10.    Those Memories Of You
11.     - Enter Lou Reed -
12.    Caroline At The Broken Wheel Inn
13.    – Enter Jeana Britt & Return John Duffey
14.    Drifting Too Far From The Shore

Note New Years Eve Show Billed as

Seldom Scene “Passed, Present & Future”



  1. This is a great show. Glad my artwork for the show is being put to use. You have a nice blog. Arizona Jones