Monday, March 27, 2017

Beady Eye 2013-11-21 Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK

Artist: Beady Eye
Venue: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
Date: 21st November 2013

Lineage: Sony DSC-HX50 > WAV > Traders Little Helper > FLAC
Taper : Lashout

01. White Smoke (PA Intro)
02. Flick Of The Finger
03. Face The Crowd
04. Four Letter Word
05. Soul Love
06. Second Bite Of The Apple
07. Iz Rite
08. Shine A Light
09. Live Forever
10. The World's Not Set In Stone
11. I'm Just Saying
12. Soon Come Tomorrow
13. Cigarettes & Alcohol
14. The Roller
15. Start Anew
16. Bring The Light
17. Wigwam
18. Gimme Shelter

All credit goes to Lashout for recording and sharing this on the Live4ever forum.

The only thing I did was split the tracks and torrent (with his permission)


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  1. Hey man, thanks for the recording!! but the file only seems to have around 2 mins of each song (except the full Wigwam and Start Anew) I was wondering if you have the full songs as this gig means a lot to me!! Even if you could show me the full unsplit recording that'd be amazing :) Many thanks