Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kim Mitchell 2013-12-27 Bear's Den Seneca Niagara Casino Niagara Falls, NY

Kim Mitchell
Bear's Den
Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY
December 27, 2013

Recorded by: Bigdaddybflo
Gear: 1st 8.5 minutes: DPA 4061 Mics > CA 9100 preamp > Tascam DR-07  The rest of the show: Tascam DR-07 with internal mics
Mastering: }{eywood with plugin enhanced Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, edits & segues,

Some problems with the microphone wires occurred at the beginning of the show.  The left channel was unuseable and was not even sent to me for mastering.  A dual mono recording of the right channel was all I recieved.  This channel was considerably less damaged than the other one, but still had several drop outs in it.  Some creative editing of the choruses restored the vast majority of the first song, but the second is irrepairably damaged.  At about 8:29 BDB pulled the plug on the mics, rebooted the recorder, and forged on with the internal mics.  Both versions were EQd to sound their best, then EQd again to sympathise a bit better.  THe transition bewtween the external and internal mics is still pretty jarring, but that's because the mic location was fluid for about 20 seconds before the recording stabilized.  From that point on everything settles in for the rest of the show.

01 Rock 'n' Roll Duty
02 In My Shoes
03 That's a Man
04 Alana Loves Me
05 Paradise Skies
06 Blue River Liquor Shine
07 I Am a Wild Party
08 Easy 2 Tame/High Class in Borrowed Shoes
09 In The Stars Tonight
10 Lemon Wedge
11 Rocklandwonderland
12 Lager & Ale
13 All We Are
14 Patio Lanterns
15 Go For a Soda
17 Battle Scar


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