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Bruce Springsteen 2002-12-16 Schotenstein Arena, Columbus, OH

Title: Hang On Columbus!
Label: Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: December 16, 2002
Location: Schotenstein Arena, Columbus, OH

Schoeps MK4V's->Schoeps VMS5U->Sony SBM->Sony D100

Disc One:
01 The Rising
02 Lonesome Day
03 The Promised Land
04 The Fuse
05 Candy's Room
06 Intro
07 Empty Sky
08 You're Missing
09 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
10 Out In The Street
11 Worlds Apart
12 Badlands
13 Two Hearts (w/ It Takes Two)

Disc Two:
01 Mary's Place
02 Countin On A Miracle
03 If I Should Fall Behind (solo piano)
04 Thunder Road
05 Into The Fire
06 Where The Bands Are
07 Glory Days (w/ Hang On Sloopy)
08 Born To Run
09 Intro
10 My City of Ruins
11 Born In The U.S.A.

Disc Three:
01 Land Of Hope and Dreams
01 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
03 Dancing In The Dark

04 No Surrender*
05 Night*
06 You're Missing*
07 Waitin' On A Sunny Day*
08 Darlington County*
09 Loose Ends*
10 Detroit Medley*
11 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town*

* Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN December 17, 2002.


'Remastered' from the master recording that 'Travitz' kindly shared, thanks!

Yeah, I know the title is pretty fucking cheesy but I couldn't come up with anything else for this one.
("The One Eyed Sax-Player In Columbus"?)


- Concert rescheduled from 9/11/02.
Glory Days features a double coda of Hang On Sloopy.
"Mary's Place" includes a snippet of "Rescue Me". -brucebase

Columbus, Ohio had to hang on for a month until this make-up show,
the first of three postponed from their original dates due to Clarence Clemons' eye surgery.
Worth-the-wait rarities included "Candy's Room," "Where the Bands Are," Out in the Street,"
a solo-piano "If I Should Fall Behind," and a bit of "Hang on Sloopy" added to "Glory Days."
"She's the One" drops out for the first time since September,
with "The Fuse" and "Two Hearts" returning to the set as the 2002 tour nears its end. -


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