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Jeff Buckley 1994-12-17 Irving Plaza, New York

17 December, 1994
Irving Plaza, New York

Source A & B LINEAGE: AUD>?>TAPE>?>?really bad editing and DSP work?>CD(x)>EAC>FLAC

01. Dream Brother
02. Grace
03. So Real
04. Last Goodbye
05. What Will You Say
06. Chocolate / Mojo Pin
07. Eternal Life
08. Lilac Wine
09. Lover, You Should've Come Over
10. Vancouver / Kanga Roo

Track 03: Incomplete (cut?)
Track 07: Missing first few notes
Track 10: Missing first few notes

Source A - Tracks 01-08 (Bad tape source, editing and NR)
Source B - Tracks 08-10 (Slighly better tape source, bad editing and still NR(?))

There are 2 sources spliced together to make this complete. I suspect at least 1 may have mp3 heritage, or had really, REALLY bad NR work done on it.

some track editing and DSP has taken place. applause is occasionally cut short, and some tracks miss the first few notes.
weird garbling at the beginning of the boot sounds like NR, this is also backed up by different levels of tape noise when comparing tracks. (track 08 start to track 07)

Rolloff in both sources at 15k strongly suggests a lossy heritage in source. (probably MD/MP3)

Ripped and FLAC'd by Mr A from Norway...
Collated by eclect -
information from flowersintime database:


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