Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Police 1979-01-18 WDR "Musikladen" Bremen, Germany

Here is a rare club gig with The Police taped in 1978 (the exact date I am unsure of). I know the show was taped in Germany although I don't know where. I originally taped this off of MTV (when it really was MTV) in 1981. The video has deteriorated but the audio survived but not without allot of CPR.

I xfered the audio portion to dat many moons ago so let's start there. I loaded the dat into my computer using a creative EMU-0404 (digital optical inputs) into Adobe Audition 1.5.

There was this really annoying high pitched whine throughout the entire recording which i filtered out. Other than that i just pumped the bottom end a bit to give it a bit more balls.

The performance is, in my opinion, one of their best. just the three of them raw as it can be. interestingly enough since they only had one LP out at the time they didn't have a helluva lot of material. but you can tell from this performance that they were on the right track.

speaking of tracks:

1) So lonely
2) Fallout
3) Born in the 50's
4) Hole in my Life
5) Peanuts
6) Lanlord
7) Roxanne
8) Truth Hits Everybody

short sweet and to the point. If anyone still has the video of this i'd love to see it again.

Lineage: VHS-->audio xfered to DAT-->HD-->Adobe Audiotion 1.5-->Flac 5-->you

as always don't compress or sell. trade freely to the masses. ENJOY!



  1. Thank you tons for sharing this gem on The Police. Great sounds too. You rock!!

  2. nice one,many thanks for sharing