Monday, July 10, 2017

The Police 1979-02-09 BBC Rock Hour Hatfield Polytechnic London, UK

The Police
BBC Rock Hour
Hatfield Polytechnic
London, UK
Length: 46:34:49
Quality: A+ Live radio broadcast,
Lineage: Original mint- Radio Station BBC Vinyl> REGA Planar2 turntable, SME series III arm, Grado m-2 stylus> StAudio 24/96 card>Wavelab (No processing)>.shn

01. Can't Stand Losing You
02. So Lonely
03. Fall Out
04. Hole in My Life
05. Truth Hits Everybody
06. Message in a Bottle
07. Peanuts
08. Roxanne
09. Next to You
10. Can't Stand Losing You (reprise)



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