Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rush 1975-06-25 Massey Hall Toronto, Ontario

The Age of Wonders
Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario
Source: Aud

Starts off a bit distorted but gets better throughout the first few tunes and sounds great considering the age of this recording!  Purported to be the show that is pictured on the inner sleeve of the Caress of Steel album. This show was recorded within the same venue as All The Worlds a Stage, but a year earlier.  This is great early Rush and is a very listenable and enjoyable show!  Not much crowd noise to get in the way, however the taper and his friends make cracks in between tunes. (but actually seem to be enjoying the show despite their requests for Bowie tunes???) About the only real problem with this show is that there is a bit of hiss and a few distortion problems, but otherwise nothing awful! (except for a piece of digital "noise" that scares the crap out of you at the beginning of Working Man!!! Could be my copy only, but it's a minor annoyance and only happens once!)

This is pure, no holds barred power trio Rush!  The stuff that you may be lucky enough to hear in a medley these days! (but not very likely) Probably one of the fastest and meanest By-Tor's I've ever heard!  (Listen to Neil's fills on this one!)  I can only say that you need this show in your collection for the historic value and that it's one of the best documents of early Rush!

Finding My Way
Best I Can
Beneath, Between, Behind
In the End
Fly By Night
Bytor and the Snowdog
Working Man / Drum Solo
In the Mood
Need Some Love
What You're Doing


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