Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Elvis Answers Back

 Release Date:  1995

Released on Box 4 Records (a label created for The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain) this was their attempt at making the original vinyl interview record finally available on CD. The earliest advert I can find for it is in the August/September 1995 Fan Club magazine where it was selling at £5.99 (plus 98p p&p). The CD itself lists the catalogue number as UK Box 4.002 with also a mention of EPI001

Track List:

    May 6th 1955 - Bob Neal & Elvis, Texarkana, Arkansas
    1955 Jackson, Florida, 1957 Memphis, Tennessee
    November 2nd 1956, County Coliseum Texas, with AI Hickock
    March 24th 1956, Warwick Hotel, New York, with Robert Carlton Brown
    September 19th 1956, Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio with Charlie Walker
    1960, Elvis Presley’s rare broadcast for the American Forces Network
    1964, Elvis’ rarest recording. His greeting to his UK fans at the NME Poll Concert
    April 29th 1965, Honolulu, Hawaii, with Tom Moffett & Peter Noone (Hermans Hermits)
    1972, Elvis New York Press Conference before his Madison Square Gardens show


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