Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Elvis Presley - Face To Face

Release Date: 1995

Obviously a sequel to “Elvis Answers Back” but this time featuring only four tracks and covering just the three interviews. CD label indicates the catalogue numbers as UK Box 4.004 and EP 1004 (this time there is a space after the EP and the font used makes it obvious that it’s a number one rather than a letter as in the earlier releases). Earliest reference I found to this album was in the December 1995 fan club magazine when it was advertised with the first album, “TWO EXCITING AUDIO C.D’s”, for £5.99 (plus 95p p&p) each.

Track List:

    1961 Press Conference Part 1
    1961 Press Conference Part 2
    Presention of Billboard Award
    Interview from LaCross Wisconsin


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