Monday, April 2, 2018

Gary Numan 2014-04-01 Turner Hall Milwaukee, WI

Gary Numan
Turner Hall
April 1, 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Edirol R09H - Audacity - Amplify - FLAC - DIME

1. Resurrection
2. I Am Dust
3. Metal
4. Everything Comes Down To This
5. Films
6. Here In The Black
7. The Fall
8. The Calling
9. Down In The Park
10. Lost
11. Cars
12. Pure
13. We're The Unforgiven
14. Love Hurt Bleed
15. A Prayer For The Unborn
16. Encore
17. I Die: You Die
18. Are 'Friends' Electric?
19. My Last Day

Great performance. Crowd was really chatty, which is noticeable on the recording, especially during the quieter parts of some songs.  Some drunk idiot was asking me "This is the guy from the Talking Heads, right?" But besides that, it sounds pretty good.


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