Wednesday, April 12, 2017

eels 2014-05-25 Fitzgerald Theater Saint Paul MN(with Steve Perry)

may 25 2014
saint paul mn
fitzgerald theater

SharpMT200 Minidisc mdlp mode ->
My porta pro Koss headphones had to do for the day in place of my mics... -->
Soundforge wave files to the flac files

A note about my recording- i had to improvise my mics for the day because my good
Mics are dead with a short or something. so i used my headphones.

sorry i missed almost all of the intro eels song. enjoy the suprise steve perry encore!


when you wish upon a star
the morning
mansions of los feliz
my timing is off
a line in the dirt
where im from
lockdown hurricane
daisy through concrete
grace kelly blues
fresh feeling
i like birds
my beloved monster
gentelmans choice
mistakes of my youth
where in going
i like the way this is going
blinking lights for me
last stop this town
cant help falling in love
turn on your radio
steve perry intro-
its a motherfucker (steve perry vocal)
open arms (steve perry vocal)
touchin lovin squeezin (steve perry vocal)


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