Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rush 1977 AFTK World Premier Radio Special


"Rush: AFTK World Premier" Radio Special

Broadcasted in 1977
"Night at 11" on CHUM FM 104
Host - Larry Wilson

Media:        1CDR (1CDR SHN)
Recording:    FM Broadcast
Source:     Unknown
Generation:    Unknown
Rating:        B+ (In My Imperfect Opinion)


Disc Time:.......................50:29

01. Part I 5:17
02. Part II 1:51
03. Part III 10:35
04. Part IV 2:51
05. Part V 6:53
06. Part VI 4:14
07. Part VII 2:22
08. Part VIII 5:29
09. Part IX 9:01
10. Part X 1:56



This is a radio special to promote the release of the AFTK

No other information about this recording is known to me so
it's pointless to inquire.  As a Rush "Completest", Putting
these text files together is about as fun as watching
paint dry.  Nevertheless, I understand the importance of
accurate information wherever possible.  I have tried to
summarize information about this show that is reasonably
accurate.  If there is inacurracy please let me know but
I disclaim responsibility for painstakingly reasearching
this recording.


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