Friday, March 23, 2018

Phish 1987-03-23 Nectar's, Burlington, VT

Phish 3/23/87
Nectar's, Burlington, VT


DAT>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CD WAV>.SHN

A>D and DAT>CD by Jamie Lutch

Editing in soundforge:
Normalized peaks to 0dB, crossfaded the cassette flip in Fluffhead, and took out some of the worst analog pops. There is still some analog anomalies in here (mainly in the right channel), but this show rocks, period!

Disc 1 (Set I):
1. Funky Bitch
2. Mike's Song->
3. I Am Hydrogen->
4. Alumni Blues-> Letter to Jimmy Page -> Alumni Blues
5. YEM->
6. John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt->
7. Sparks

Disc 2 (Set II):
1. Fluffhead
2. Peaches En Regalia
3. Ride Captain Ride->
4. Dave's Energy Guide->
5. Corrina
6. Why Dont You Love Me Like You Used to Do?->
7. Camelwalk
8. Golgi Apparatus
9. Swing Low Sweet Chariot


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