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Phish 1994-12-30 Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Phish 12/30/94 Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Source: DAUD/FOB Schoeps mk4(ORTF) > KC5 actives > CMC5 >
Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-500e > Sony D10 @48kHz
Set 1: Master (from D10) used in below transfer
Set 2: Master > clone(s) (backup) used in below transfer (see below)

Conversion: R500 > Canare Coax > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Soundforge 5.0
(fade in/out/edits/48>44.1 at highest setting[4of4]
with anti-alias filter) > CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97
(shn files have seek tables appended) **No DAE at all**

Detailed info: This recording was done on a stand in Row M, (aka DFC!).

Minor Edits: Fades in/out beg/end of sets--3 sec fade-in's and 5 sec fade out's
Eliot provided two separate versions of set-2; both clones directly
from the master--which is not around. One of the clones has a dropout
from cloning (weird loss of signal) in Harry Hood (I'll call this clone
'clone A' as it is used for most of set-2) the other clone ('clone B')
has a cut at the beginning of Sample. Hence, we don't have access to the
master anymore and these are the two closest things around. So, to make
a perfect source from these two nearly perfect clones of the master I
have used clone A up until right before Harry and there I have patched
in clone B for the rest of the show (about 23m23s). This was done by
patching the two sources at the sample level in SF 5.0 during the crowd
noise between HYHU and Harry Hood. More detailed info is provided in the
48k .shn's as the timing is pertinent in those files and not here, because
all the edits were done at 48k prior to resampling. No music was disturbed
and the patch is done at the sample level so it's inaudible to the human ear,
or as close to perfect as it's gonna get.

Taper: Eliot Byron
Huge thanks to Eliot who supplied the DATs for this transfer!
Transferred and uploaded by Jim Raras <> via Dankseeds
Please contact me with questions etc. There are also 48k shn's of this seed for archival.
*Dankseed Certification received 2002-01-18*
and posted at
Listening test performed by *5* danksters
positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK
negative criteria met:
Resampled- NO
Diginoise- NO

- SHN>WAV>FLAC Level 6 via Trader's Little Helper
- Tags via MediaMonkey
- Consolidated original md5's to one file
- Files renamed to adhere to etree naming standards
- No music was harmed during the manipulation of these files

By geewiz 6/13/2012 (

Disc 1 / Set I 00:56:13

01. Wilson 04:39
02. Rift 05:56
03. AC/DC Bag 06:43
04. Sparkle 03:56
05. Simple 05:35
06. Stash 09:35
07. Fee > 05:32
08. Scent of a Mule 09:09
09. Cavern 05:08

Disc 2 / Set II 01:19:37

01. Sample in a Jar 04:58
02. Poor Heart 02:19
03. Tweezer 23:21
04. I'm Blue I'm Lonesome 02:51
05. You Enjoy Myself 23:18
06. Purple Rain 05:35
07. HYHU 01:14
08. Harry Hood 12:27
09. Tweezer Reprise 03:34

Disc 3 / Encore 00:06:58

01. Encore Break/Crowd 01:45
02. Frankenstein 05:13

Setlist from "The Phish Companion"
*This show can be fit on two discs (1 74min and 1 80min) by putting Sample and Poor Heart
on d1 and moving the two tracks from d3 on to the end of d2. Either way d2 needs an 80min.



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