Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cream 1966-11-15 Klooks Kleek, London, England

A Group Called Cream
November 15, 1966
Klooks Kleek, London, England
Viktorie (NS 13028)

Doc´s Vinyl Box Vol. 3:
CREAM, London, Klooks Kleek Club, November 15, 1966
off Super rare Dutch  Vinyl Boot "A Group called CREAM" on Viktorie Label!

In the "Doc´s Vinyl Box" series, I will upload some CDR copies of  some very rare Original Bootleg vinyl LP´s
from my collection!
Some tapes of great shows never surfaced and the only source for this stuff, up to today, is the original vinyl Bootleg LP!
Some of the first original pressings often sounds better than expected.........

Today I`m uploading one of my favorite CREAM shows ,
transfered from the very first issue of a Dutch  vinyl Boot,  only seen once, .....
I had a repressing on TMQ label before, which didn´t sound as good as the Original pressing ,
but also only found two times!
This show is, as far as I know, the earliest CREAM concert recording!
It includes more spontaneous playing of short versions of the common CREAM songs than the later shows,
plus a rare rendition of "Lawdy Mama", my favorite number here!

The recording sounds great for it´s time,  and the show is probably one of the hottest CREAM
shows ever!
The Viktorie Boot recording is in a real nice "Electronic Stereo" mix also different from the repressing, which used only one channel from the original issue

Although this show is credited to be recorded in Rotterdam, NL, it is well known in the CREAM scene that it is originally recorded in London at the Klooks Kleek Club Nov 1966!
The vinyl is in good shape , a near mint cpoy, but the vinyl has a few very small "holes" in it´s surface ,
but the overall sound is really great! 

01 Hey Lawdy Mama
02 Sleepy Time Time
03 Crossroads
04 Stepping Out
05 Sweet Wine
06 Meet Me In The Bottom
07 N.S.U.
Time: 32:20

Vinyl-Thorens TD 126 MK3-Goldring 1042 pickup-Dynavektor 505 Tonearm-Restek Vektor Preamp
-Pioneer PDR05 CD Recorder-Eac-CoolEdit Pro-Flac

Enjoy this great piece of CREAM history!


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