Monday, May 15, 2017

Led Zeppelin 1969-01-26 Boston Tea Party Boston, Ma

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1969.01.26
Title: A Sudden Attack, Boston
Lable: Shout To The Top (STTP 073/074)
Venue: Boston Tea Party
Location: Bostion, Massachusetts, USA
Source: Audience

Lineage: Original Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Disc 1
01. Train kept A Rollin'
02. I Can't Quit You
03. Killing Floor (incl. Lemon Song)
04. Dazed And Confused (incl. Shampes Of Things)
05. You Shook Me
06. Communication Breakdown

Disc 2
01. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
02. Babe I'm Gonna Leave you
03. Pat's Delight
04. How Many More Times (incl. For Your Love, Over Under Sideways Down)

An amazing show ... this could be quite possibly one of the the best Led Zeppelin concert from 1969. The sound is vibrant and crisp and the playing is amazing. Jimmy's soloing throughout is nothing short of breathtaking and Jones' thundering bass and Bonham's amazing drums only add to it, as does Robert's crystalline and wonderful voice. An incredible show ... one of the very best! Some sources reports that another set of rock 'n' roll medleys was performed but a big care must be taken with these statements.


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