Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Black Crowes 1990-03-10 Calamity Jayne's Las Vegas, NV

The Black Crowes
10 March 1990 - Calamity Jayne's - Las Vegas, NV [ USA ]

S E T   L I S T  » 
Thick N' Thin
You're Wrong
Twice As Hard
Jealous Again
Charming Mess (1st time played)
Sister Luck
Hard To Handle
Stare It Cold
Struttin' Blues (1st time played)

supporting Junkyard.

Only known performance of "Charming Mess".

S H O W  L E N G T H:
45 minutes 

S O U R C E:
AUD (Analog Audience Recording)

C R O W E S B A S E  L I N K:

This show was recorded on a low-budget Sony stereo cassette recorder with a low-budget Sony stereo mic. The first song is joined in progress. I missed the first few seconds of it because I arrived late for the show. It was done stealth and the quality is a little lacking. The bass is clipping and thier isn't much of a high end. Thier is a woman who talks a few times during the show, not too bad though. - [Adam Pierce]


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