Monday, July 3, 2017

Yes 1971-05-11 Teatro Brancaccio, Roma, Italy

Yes - Teatro Brancaccio, Roma, Italy, May 11th 1971, from FB master.

Fixed up in September 2006 by TheTooleMan

Anyone willing to endure the trials of listening to a disintegrating recording of a fantastic performance will be amply rewarded. This is no sonic marvel, but it captures a rare performance of Steve Howe and Tony Kaye in peak psychedelic form while playing "Everydays." And in 35 years of listening of Howe playing "Clap," I don't think he ever topped this performance.

As someone in the band says, "Far out."

Here's what I did to improve this recording:

* create tracks in the appropriate places
* joined parts of songs which were interrupted or repeated due to tape flips
* reduced the pitch of the recording by up to 3 semitones between the beginning and the end of the recording
* EQ to reduce rumble and bring out more of the bass
* hiss reduction
* cut out extraneous clicks and pops, filled drop-outs, and smoothed transitions between tracks

As with the disclaimers on old commercial CD's, imperfections in the original tape may become more obvious with digital transfers and reproduction. In this case, the tape sounds like it was damaged and plays at irregular speed throughout. This could not be fixed in remastering. In one or two places, notably during "Everydays" and "America," the tape sounds like it has been stretched and is about to stop playing altogether. Fortunately, it does not.

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
2. Yours Is No Disgrace
3. I've Seen All Good People
4. Clap > Classical Gas
5. Perpetual Change
6. Everydays
7. America

See the notes from the torrent of the original tape for information about the transfer of the tape: "Yes 5.11.71 38f torrent notes.txt" which is included in this torrent. Thanks to 38f who provided it!

Happy listening,

September, 2006


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