Saturday, June 24, 2017

Men At Work 1982-xx-xx San Diego

Men at Work
San Diego
FM Broadcast

Source: FM Broadcast (I believe KBCO-FM, Boulder, CO)
Lineage: Broadcast>Fuji FR-II tape>CDR>FLAC8

I recorded this when it was originally broadcast in 1982. I am not sure of the exact performance date, but believe it to be no later than 1982 as "Cargo" had not been released yet. As Colin Hay states before "High Wire" (a track from "Cargo"), they are in San Diego and that no-one will have heard this song yet. With the recent uploads of Colin Hay shows, I decided to dig this out of my tape archives and digitize. I have not seen that this has ever been on DIME before, or that any of it has been released officially. Unfortunatley, my tape ran out half way through "Be Good Johnny", but otherwise it is pretty flawless (and 1st generation). Enjoy.

The Band:

Colin Hay- Vocals, Guitar
Ron Strykert- Guitar, vocals
Jerry Speiser- Drums, vocals
Greg Ham- Sax, Flute, Keyboards, vocals
John Rees- Bass, vocals

The Songs:

01. Down Under
02. Down by the Sea
03. Touching the Untouchables
04. Oh Tokayo
05. Helpless Automation
06. High Wire
07. Who Can it Be Now?
08. Mr. Entertainer
09. Be Good Johnny (part of)


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