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Sex Pistols 1976-12-06 Electric Circus Manchester, Eng.



Sex Pistols full Manchester's Electric Circus 9 December 1976

1. Anarchy In The u.k.
2. I Wanna Be Me
3. Seventeen
4. Stepping Stone
5. Satellite
6. Submission
7. Substitute
8. No Feelings
9. Stop Gobbing
10. Liar
11. Pretty Vacant
12. God Save The Queen
13. Problems

The Clash Manchester Electric Circus on the 9 December 1976

14. White Riot
15. Bored With The usa
16. Londons Burning
17. Hate & War
18. Protex Blue
19. Career Opportunities
20. Cheat
21. 48 Hours
22. Janie Jones
23. 1977


Leeds Polytechnic 6 December 1976

2. Derby Statement
3. Mc laren Yorkshire tv
4. Dean Of Leeds Polytechnic
5. Anarchy In The UK
6. I Wanna Be Me
7. Seventeen
8. Stepping Stone
9. God Save The Queen
10. Substitute
11. No Feelings
12. Liar
13. Pretty Vacant
14. Problems
15. Caerphilly segment

The Buzzcocks - Manchester Electric Circus on the 9 December 1976

16. Orgasm Addict
17. Breakdown
18. Times Up
19. Boredom
20. Tear Me Up
21. Friends Of Mine
22. Love Battery
23. Big Dummy
24. Oh Shit
25. Can`t Control Myself

The Anarchy Tour

Every punk book you will ever read, in fact any music book worth its worth, every punk TV programmme, every nostaligic look back starts the Sex Pistols - supported by the Clash and The Buzzcocks - on the infamous Anarchy Tour, December 1976. You have read the text, heard the opinion, now you can LISTEN TO WHAT ALL THE FUSS WAS ABOUT.

From the opening night on the 3 December to the 19th December the Tour was banned from all but three venues, Leeds Polytechnic on the 6th, Manchesters Electric Circus on the 9th and Caerphilly on the 14th. This CD is the definitive audio version of the Anarchy Tour. A must have.

This 2 CD set  
From the most famous tour ever - The infamous 1976 Anarchy Tour - this 2 CD set features the Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Buzzcocks from Manchesters Electric Circus on the 9th December 1976. This fabulous 2CD set also includes the full Sex Pistols performance at Leeds Polytechnic 3 days earlier. The sound quality is 'as good as it gets' for these two gigs and captures clearly these two famous gigs.

Re-live the drama of it all. The Bonus material captures the infamous Grundy Today Programme, The Statement by Derbyshire County Council, Malcolm Mclarens interview on Yorkshire TV and the interview with the Dean of Leeds Polytechnic as well as the Caerphillly demonstration.


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