Monday, May 8, 2017

The Cure 1982-04-22 Gaumont Theatre Southampton, England

Date: 1982-04-22
Location: Southampton, England - Gaumont Theatre 

Source: Aud
Quality: 8.5 to 9
Generation: Low Gen
Lineage: Tape>Marantz tapedesk>Soundblasterlive!!!>Soundforge7>DbPowerAmp to Flac
Taped by:
Seeded by: M_82 @ PPTT-ForeverDrowning in torrent


cd1 43.06

1.the figurehead
2.m your house
5.the drowning man
6.a short term effect
7.the hanging garden
8.three imaginary boys
9.siamese twins

cd2 49.11

1.other voices
2.primary hundred years for today
5.a forest
7.10.15 saturday night
8.killing an arab
9.all mine (cut at 3'20)

Total: 1.29.11
File size: 544 Mb

Line up:
Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Laurence Tolhurst


More info: FOREVER is cut at 3'20 in this version but the sound is very good !!


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