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Tin Machine 1991-11-29 Academy Theatre, New York

Tin Machine
Academy Theatre, New York
29 Nov 1991

FM Stereo - now EX quality.

Original Lineage: FM > master > BASF Chromdioxid II tape > JVC PC-X96 deck > Hard Wire > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC4

Above version > Audacity > CD Wave > you

CD 1
01 DJ + intro
02 Crack City
03 You Belong In Rock And Roll
04 A Big Hurt
05 Bus Stop
06 Stateside
07 Betty Wrong
08 Goodbye Mr Ed

CD 2
01 Debaser
02 One Shot
03 I Can't Read
04 Under The God
05 Baby Universal
06 If There Is Something
07 Heaven's In Here
08 Sorry
09 Sacrifice Yourself (fades out)

This gig, in its original download form, sounded very muddy to me - and very bassy. Indeed, bassy to headache inducing levels.

After some experimenting, I found this sounds just great - in my opinion - after I reduced the files by -400 hpf both channels, then -50 hpf Left channel only then added +1 db to the left channel and took off 5db from the right channel. This helped get the vocal a bit more near the centre - it was firmly in the right channel at first. If you are not sure about all this, download a track, like I do, as a test. Except don't try this with I Can't Read - it's awful here after a good start. The gig gets better again after that, thankfully!

Now ... I can hear the pounding drums and those screeching guitars in all their ferocity, and the vocals all clearly, still with power and presence, but without the feeling of thunder enveloping everything in a muddy mess as it seemed before.

Goodbye Mr Ed in particular sounds marvellous.

The performance does dip a bit from I Can't Read onwards, but they pull up their socks a bit for If There Is Something and the rest of the show.

Heaven in Here sounds immense...the Bowie and the band sing and play furiously on this in the latter half of the number, it's something to behold. Indeed, the audience sound wild after this, cheering for encores. I'm Sorry, that follows, has some beautiful guitar on it here - a genuinely moving performance by all concerned. A shame that the Sacrifice Yourself fades out but overall a great show!


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