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David Bowie 1972-11-25 Cleveland Music Hall Cleveland, Ohio

David Bowie 11-25-72 Ziggy & the Spiders  Cleveland Music Hall  Cleveland, Ohio

 1. Hang On To Yourself
 2. Ziggy Stardust
 3. Changes
 4. The Supermen
 5. Life On Mars?
 6. Five Years
 7. Space Oddity
 8. Andy Warhol
 9. Drive In Saturday
10. Width Of A Circle
11. Queen Bitch
12. John, I'm Only Dancing
13. Moonage Daydream
14. Waiting For The Man
15. Jean Genie
16. Suffragette City
17. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

Possibly the most important Bowie bootleg release since Strange Fascination, the show starts of with Hang On To Yourself on
 which Bowie fluffs the words a bit at the start of the second verse then its straight into Ziggy.  Looking at the set list
you be forgiven for thinking this was basically Santa Monica with a slight set change.  Don't, the show is a lot more vibrant
 than Santa Monica, Bowie's voice sounding a lot stronger.  On the third track Changes, where as at Santa Monica was the
vocals sound strained, here its sung with much more vigour.  The set follows the usual US tour set with rocking versions
of the Supermen, Life On Mars, and Five Years. At the end of Five Years, he says ' OK I've been asked to ask the people who
are' but then changes to 'I guess I should say good evening everyone', and then asks the people dancing in the isles to sit
down.  Then its into Space Oddity with repeating is performance at Santa Monica with the singing the  instrumental break,
and he adds a few extras to the end of the song as well.   At the end of the song he asks the crowd 'What's been happening
with you' says he's been touring round their country and that he's glad they asked him back, as it was also the fist show
they did on the US tour.   Andy Warhol comes next with which he adds the line Va Va Va Voom and a great bit of guitar work
at the end of it.  He then says this is the bit where the people with tape recorders must leave cause were going to do a new
song.  He then tells them where it was written and what its about, tells them its called 'Drive In Saturday' and works a lot
 better than the LP version with the guitar being strummed as opposed to playing the tune, after which he thanks the crowd.
  Next comes a huge 10 min version of  Width of a Circle with Ronson doing a great Guitar Solo in he middle of it.
  John Im only Dancing next sounding like the single.  Its then into Moonage Daydream which rock like anything, he then
introduces the Spiders and also Mike Garson.  Waiting for the Man next though it sounds as if its there's a slight cut
between the Band Intro and this.  He then introduces the Jean Genie as a number to release on RCA records and tapes, then
its straight into Suffragette City.  The show ends with him introducing Rock'n'Roll Suicide as one of Ziggys numbers.
 Where the Santa Monica set seemed to be aimed more for the radio audience and was split into part acoustic show, this is
much more like the Rock'n'Roll' Roll show that it should have been.  A word of caution, don't play it on your PCs CD ROM,
with small it sounds shit but when played on a decent system it pisses on every  other  other Ziggy boots.   Sound quality
doesn't quite match that of Santa Monica but as that was from a radio broadcast its only to be expected.    As Santa Monica
is now out officially this must for now be the best Ziggy boot at the moment.  Essential for all fans.   
However the Rainbow theatre show also released it may have to be content with the best boot of the US tour. 
Savage Hippo are really doing Bowie fans proud at the moment - keep up the good work guy

Additional Info
Greetings from Alaska !!!  I was the person who recorded Bowie in Cleveland, Ohio Nov.25, 72 that the CD "Va Va VaVoom" was
taken from  I did not authorise the reproduction but I was surprised the producers of the CD cut a lot out of the actual
recording to fit on the CD.  I had the Sept 22, 72 Show (first in America) but it is missing.  The Sept 22, 72 show was at
Music Hall-Cleveland, OH.  The Nov.25, 72 show was at  Public Hall -Cleveland, OH.


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