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David Bowie 1973-02-14 Radio City Music Hall, NY

David Bowie
Radio City Music Hall, New York.
14 February, 1973

Re-worked version

Good quality recording

Low gen cassette > Nakamichi Tapedeck > CD-R > Audacity [re-work as per notes below] > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

CD 1

01 Intro
02 Hang Onto Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Soul Love
06 John, I'm Only Dancing
07 Moonage Daydream
08 Five Years
09 Space Oddity
10 My Death

CD 2

01 Watch That Man
02 Drive-In Saturday
03 Aladdin Sane
04 Panic In Detroit
05 Cracked Actor
06 Width Of A Circle
07 Time
08 The Prettiest Star
09 Let's Spend The Night Together
10 The Jean Genie
11 Suffragette City
12 Rock N'Roll Suicide

This is the recording of the show where David fainted at the end, shocking the audience.

One thing that is particularly interesting, to me anyway, is the leap in quality on reaching side 2
of the tape here - Aladdin Sane onwards. Often there are small differences in fidelity upon turning
over tapes - for example, sometimes one side will have more hiss than the other, as somewhere in the
copying someone has switched the dolby off or on. The difference here is more pronounced than that.

Prettiest Star is a highlight here!

Rock and Roll Suicide had to be combined from two sources of this recording...but then this does have the long ending with the audience's reaction to David's fainting.

On certain Bowie tapes I will be presenting 'raw' and 'processed' versions...not so much a concession to some who have as good as demanded this, more practicality : the person kindly lending me tapes is interested in
hearing both so if I seed both it saves me doing CD-R's of the raw version. The raw version of this will
be seeded in due course.

This is the 'processed' version.

The process I use in Audacity to widen the sound, usually consists of the following -

-9db decrease (as the mixing and combining needs space)
double up the tracks, add .01 sec delay to one of the channels, split channels and mix either side (balance achieved through trial and error)
Combine above doubled up track with untouched track with the latter at a higher level. The above mixing while giving a nice widening effect I am more than aware can sometimes sound artificial to some, and I have found combining it with the untouched file means a balance is achieved between the raw sound of the original and the mixed version. Studios used - and I'm sure still do - used to resort to all sorts of double tracking and compression effects and the bottom line is this method I found by trial and error sounds good to me and others. Those who do not approve or find it does not sound good to them - no-one is forcing you to download this.
Voila...I listen to live recordings in headphones for the most part, and many people listen in headphones / earphones these days.
This may sound better to many like that, and I am aware that through conventional speakers this sort of mix / re-work may or may not sound as good as an untouched version. It's very subjective, and very much down to individual preference.
Where I don't provide samples the downloader who is unsure about this can simply pick one or two tracks to ascertain how good this is, just as I do.


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