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Iron Maiden 1979-10-05 Ruskin Arms Pub, London, England(V.3)

Iron Maiden 1979-10-05 Ruskin Arms Pub, London, England(V.3)

74:18 min

Flac been tested OK!

1 Ides of march
2 Wrathchild                     (fix between 0:50 to 0:55)
3 Sanctuary                      (fix between 1:33 to 1:53)
4 Prowler
5 Remember tomorow
6 Running free
7 Another life
8 Transylvania
9 Strange world (tape stop at 5:31)
10 Invasion
11 Charlotte the harlott (tape-flip 5:08)
12 Phantom of the opera
13 Iron Maiden
14 Innocent exile
   /Tony Parson/Dave Murray solo
15 Drifter
16 I´ve got the fire

OK, boys, girls, people with leather pants, people with leather pants
who sits on their sofas or any of you with other sexual ambiguity!
Now you got your grubby hands on something real special!

This is another re-made, but in this special case this is
an upgrade, big time! This the recording that toxik666 kindly
provided to me to fix. Third time a charm, right?

It wasn´t easy, but if you don´t try it to fix it the you won´t
learn anything won´t you? toxik666 version lacked  ca 4 seconds
in Wratchild and Sanctuary and mine lacked 30 sec in Phantom of the opera. So
I took his version for the base track and mine as a filler.
toxik666 version was louder and slightly better, so i would take
a guess that his version was at least one generation better than mine.

Now to the tricky part, you don´t have to read this, but if you don´t it
could only mean either you´re ignorant, don´t care or have the knowledge.
If you don´t have the knowledge, i understand:) But now it´s time to learn;)

When i syncronized wrathchild with my version i noticed that i wouldn´t be
in sync for about a second, then i started to wobble. That made me realize that
both recordings didn´t come from the same guy who made it digital in first place.

The wobble is something i have seen/heard before. And this a comon or should i say
a rule. When you play a tape on your cassette player/deck. The next time you play it
it won´t be in the same speed as the last time. Well, sure it´s close but not 100% acurate
one time it´s 99.99 and the next it´s 100.001. And i know a lot of people think that ain´t much
and you won´t hear it, until the day you try to sync it....
And the next thing is that the electricity in your house usually fluctate, not much, but
still when you try to sync.....well......

Enough of that!

The next thing i did was to re pitched it. BUT this time not as much as the last time.
When i listened to "The soundhouse tapes" track Iron Maiden (you can find it on Best of
the beast comp) i noticed that the guys in the band didn´t tune their instruments to 440hz
like they do now and the same thing with their first album....not in concert pitch,
same thing with Powerage wth AC/DC so these thing happen. With that in mind i re pitched
to the soundhouse tapes. So, now you can put that along with this concert and it would have
the same feel (pitch wise that is)

What did i do?
So this time i re pitched about +30 cent, for the first four songs, then 14 cents for the nex
5 songs, nothing for the next two song, 21 cents for the next two, Nothing for the next two
and a whopping -87 for the last.

This more what i think it would have sounded these days back in the late 70s.
Not in concert pitch but just lovely and raw:)

Oh, yeas before I´ve got the fire sombody shouts Space Station #5. And we all know that
song wound up being recorded by Iron Maiden for the be quick or be dead single in 1992.
So my guess is that Maiden did play that song live back in the 70s, since the shouter guy
oblivous knew what Maiden had in their repotaire.

I mean when Paul says we´re gonna play an ol´ Montrose song, this guy could have shouted
any song from Montrose but he chose that one, what a coinky dink:)



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