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Bruce Springsteen 1979-09-21 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Title: N/A
Label: N/A
Catalog #: N/A
Format: 1 CDR
Source: Audience
Bruce Base:
Story Teller:
Total Time: 1 hour 17 minutes 28 seconds
Date: September 21, 1979
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Cassette Tapes TDK AD IEC I / Type I Normal Position Normal Bias 120us EQ -> Yamaha Player Dek -> Transfer with Cable -> wav -> TLH -> flac (level 8) -> trade -> THL -> wav -> Nero Wav Editor -> slight EQ -> split -> TLH -> flac (level 8) Align on Sector Boundaries -> Pitch corrected.

Include: md5 (wav/flac), ffp, m3u, Test encoded, shntool_info/len, Frequency-Spectral Analysis, Artworks, Info file and Par2 recovery files to 10%


CD: (77:21)

01 Prove It All Night (5:41)
02 Badlands (4:18)
03 Intro (1:06)
04 The Promised Land (5:23)
05 The River (5:27)
06 Sherry Darling (Start Cut) (2:53)
07 Intro (1:51)
08 Thunder Road (5:41)
09 Jungleland (9:53)
10 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (12:28)
11 Born To Run (5:04)
12 Stay (w/ Jackson Browne & Rosemary Butler) (4:19)
13 Detroit Medley (11:07)
14 Rave On (2:17)

Another pearl by Essexboy, a uncirculated audience recording, the sound is good, some cut between the songs that i mixed to eliminate the gaps, only the track 06 Sherry Darling is cut at start probably for turn the tape.

from Brucebase:
First of two MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) Benefit concerts, also known as "No Nukes". Soundboard tape. Twelve song set includes the premiere of "The River". Outstanding video footage of "The River" is included in the 1980 theatrical movie release No Nukes (later available on home video) and also the official Video Anthology DVD. Audio recordings of "Stay" (with Jackson Browne and Rosemary Butler) and an edited "Devil With The Blue Dress Medley" (a.k.a. "Detroit Medley") were officially released on Elektra/Asylum’s three-LP concert album No Nukes later that year (which was eventually officially issued on a two-CD set in 1997). Available on CD 'The Complete MUSE shows'. Unreleased, pro-shot raw film footage of the "Detroit Medley" (with one major edit omitting Bruce’s “emergency announcement”) from this show is circulating on fan-made DVDs. There is also a live, pro-shot video for "Stay" which has circulated since the late '80s and an amateur video of the first three songs of one of the nights. The crowd sings "Happy Birthday" to Bruce before "Thunder Road".

Thanks to Essexboy for the transfer of this tape.


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