Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rush 1978-11-20 Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona(6th source)


Brainwaves - Complete Live from Hemispheres Tour

(Rock Masters/RMC-003AB)

Nov. 20, 1978
Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, AZ

Sound Quality: A (in my rating)

Disc 1 (72:44)
1. intro tape (Nights Winters Years/BLUE JAYS) >
2. Anthem
3. A Passage to Bangkok
4. By-Tor and the Snow Dog >
5. Xanadu
6. Something for Nothing
7. The Trees
8. Cygnus X-1
9. Hemispheres >
10. Closer to the Heart

Disc 2 (52:08)
1. Circumstances
2. A Farewell to Kings
3. La Villa Strangiato
4. 2112
5. Working Man >
6. Bastille Day >
7. In the Mood >
8. Drum Solo > Working Man (reprise)

Released in Sep. 2004 from Japanese bootlegger under a new
label "Rock Masters" but the same vendor runs this label
with Elements of Crime, Gypsy Eye and Breakdown.

This is a complete pirate copy of "A Desert Passage PE (DR)"
and the contens is excellent, but it is not the achievement
of the vendor. Having this excellent show in pressed silvers
is great for someone, but worthless if you're not care about

Original silver CDs > EAC (secure mode) > FLAC (Level8)
Artworks scaned by 300dpi 100%
rip&scan done on May 30, 2006
by the_sphere



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    I believe this hasn't uploaded correctly. The file is only 23mB, and will not decompress.

  2. Many Thanks. Keep up the good work with the Rush boots.