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Guns N' Roses 1987-06-19 The Marquee Club, London, England

June 19 (Friday), 1987
The Marquee Club, London, England

June 19, 1987 - June 28, 1987

1.  Reckless Life 3:26
2.  Out Ta Get Me 4:25
3.  Anything Goes 3:47
4.  It's So Easy 3:35
5.  Mr. Brownstone - Axl talks 4:40
6.  Nightrain 4:27
7.  My Michelle 4:39
8.  You're Crazy 4:15
9.  Paradise City 8:13
10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 3:39
11. Move To The City 3:20
12. Mama Kin 4:32

Total running time: 52:58

Audience Recording - "Atlantic Crossing (Aces High)"
Lineage: “Atlantic Crossing” Silver CD > CDr > EAC > Flac
Complete show taken from the first of a two disc release of live material (CD 2 contains the September 29, 1987 Hamburg show)

NOTES - Guns N' Roses perform their first ever show in Europe at the famous Marquee nightclub in London's Soho district. Due to the high anticipation hundreds of hopeful fans descend on Wardour Street hoping to catch this rare sighting of the band before the show starts. Some of them got their chance to even change some words with Slash as he was sitting in the bar preceeding the show having some pint of vodkas. Contrary to its vast fame, the capacity of the club's main room where the main headliners performed at the time was just about 500 to 700 people, but the club got to host up to 1.000 people in its most successful nights and due to the high anticipation, this meant sold-out shows for all the three nights the band is scheduled to play at the venue which since its opening in 1964 has often been defined as "the most important venue in the history of European pop music".
However the band almost couldn't make it to London's prestigious club as they had trouble obtaining a suitable work permit from the UK authorities which would allow them to play their proposed dates (as a result of a new ruling, any foreigner who intends to work in the country has to apply for the relevant documentation months ahead of schedule rather than merely weeks, as was the norm in the past). Thus, the first application from the GN'R camp was rejected and they only scraped into England on their second plea. This gave out the word of warning for all foreign acts planning to descend on the isle. In fact, it is believed that it was this very ruling that precluded the emulator Poison from performing live whilst here on a recent promotional tour.
After the introduction, while taking the stage, Axl remarks that "We're in fuckin' England finally!" and the band immediately kicks off the show with a blistering performance of 'Reckless Life' which is received with great applause. 'Out Ta Get Me' carries on the show with Slash's superb guitar playing, along with the others also completely involved in their music but problem ensued. During the very end of  'Out Ta Get Me,' an unsatisfied fan down the front threw a can of beer at Axl much to his disgust, who returned the compliment by saying, "Fuck you". After the performance he concludes: "Hey if you wanna keep throwing things, we gonna fuckin' leave! So what do say?! Hey, FUCK YOU PUSSY!!" Xavier Russel in Kerrang! comments: "He really did look well and truly pissed off, and this incident ended up putting a downer on the show as a whole." Still, 'Anything Goes' countinues the show with a dashing performance and maybe because of the previous exchange between Axl and an audience member, the following 'It's So Easy' is fueled with a furious attempt bringing another great performance to the set. According to Kerrang!, "the 'best number of the night award' went to the brilliant 'It's So Easy', which just reeked of the Lightning Raiders (RIP), who were playing this sorta music back in the late '70s." 'Mr. Brownstone' is also a classic all-round performance which the band easily go through without any effort. Then Axl recounts his latest experience arriving to London: "You know, when we just came here, I go to Tower Records you know, I sit down and it's the security goes beyond. And then they call the "local coastal wolves" and out when they come... and they were a couple of right dickheads. You can send some letters to their bosses. Then you get nice little right-ups. Besides these and a few other reasons and something like that happened to the why we wrote the 'Nightrain'. Nightrain is a bottle of wine for about a bucket a quarter. Over here it's five pounds or something. You drink a cruet you black-out. And noone tells you of what happens tomorrow. This song is called Nightrain." The band give an agressive performance that explodes into a hurricane with Axl's fearless screams. After introducing the next song, Axl asks the crowd: "Do you like my shirt?" which the packed club answers with a roaring approval. "Fuck Dancing, Let's Fuck! I think you can see the point. Anybody comes here with their focus on the rhyme, you know..." After a fiery 'My Michelle' Axl thanks the crowd for showing some apprecitation during the performance but hecklers  still arise and Slash also tells some words before introducing 'You're Crazy.' The song  is fast and furious with full of the fuzzy, sheet metal noise that has brought recognition to the band. 'Paradise City' begins with an extended intro before Axl joins in. Slash's guitar solo at the end is smooth an seemingly effortless cultivated with unique improvisations. Slash introduces the first ever performance of 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' - which the band soundchecked only once during the day - slows down things a bit. Although this version may not be excellent, it's a prominent performance and the band manage to pull off a solid rendition of their own. A striking 'Move To The City' and Aerosmith's 'Mama Kin' closes the show, the latter is introduced as a song the band play better than the other "fuckers". As the band leaves the stage, Slash invites the crowd to drink at the bar. Xavier Russel concludes: "It has to be said that I left The Marquee in a very confused state, coz here was a band that has just made a truly wonderful album, the up and coming 'Appetite For Destruction', which I love, yet at the same time it's sad they just couldn't reproduce that rawness live. I blame it on those beer cans that were hurled at Axl!"
Their first European encounter wasn't an easy one to win but the band definitely showed off their potential and carried out memorable performances despite that the majority was not convinced and this has yielded some negative response from the press. - Buda


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