Friday, July 28, 2017

Guns N' Roses 1987-08-19 CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Canada

Guns N' Roses 1987-08-19  CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Canada

Lineage: uM > uR > analog gen ? > CDR(?) > EAC > WAV > dED > WAV > FLAC

Notes: The original source ran way too fast, so I speedcorrected it using WavMerge and Cool Edit Pro (Feb 2009).


1. It's So Easy
2. Anything Goes
3. Out Ta Get Me
4. Mr. Brownstone
5. Nighttrain   
6. Welcome To The Jungle
7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door   
8. My Michelle
9. You're Crazy
10. Paradise City 



  1. I am the original recorder of this show. I still have the master tape as well as the master of their next visit to Toronto (same venue) opening for Iron Maiden in '88. I'd be willing to share. Both were recorded on Sony WM-D3 on Maxell UDXLII cassettes. I know some people like these details.

    1. Hey pal,
      thanks for recording this show! Unfortunately, your Bon Jovi recording from Buffalo 1985 has never appeared anywhere over the years (for some reason I can't post underneath the blog of that specific show). Do you still have it?
      Would be cool if you could drop me a mail about it:

  2. thanks a lot but unfortunately it's undownladable