Thursday, May 25, 2017

Led Zeppelin 1969-02-14 Thee Image Club Miami,FL(Master-Board-CDR)(Floridian)

Led Zeppelin
Thee Image Club
February 14,1969

Master->Tascam Deck->Tascam 32 Channel board->Sony RCD-W500C->Easy CD-DA Extractor Pro->WAV->TLH->Flac 8

This version is my favorite. It has L/R pan,TONS of EQ, & a simulated stereo effect.
This version has balls. I think this sounds better than all others. please remember the
Master does not sound like this -> The "(T-fix)" version is really what it sounds like with some light mastering by T (balance/level corrections & slight EQ) Yes, the Master is really that hissy
due to low recording level. T did a great job on it.

Owned & Transferred By: Floridian June/'10
01. Train Kep't A Rollin'.
02. I Can't Quit You.
03. Dazed & Confused.
04. Killing Floor.
05. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.
06. How Many More Times (cut)

01. White Summer
02. As Long As I Have You.
03. You Shook Me.
04. Pat's Delight.


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