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Pearl Jam 1993-11-05 Empire Polo Fields: Indio, CA(SV022 - "SHOE THE SHOELESS")

Pearl Jam
November 5, 1993
Empire Polo Fields: Indio, CA

Source: 2-source mix: [soundboard > dat > "Dedicated to the Motherf***kers" boot > dEdit] + [Sonic Studios > Sony TCD-D7 > dat-2 > cdr > dEdit] > shn > flac

Mix and Editing: Bill Graham
Artwork: Allen Robertson


01 intro
02 Release
03 Go
04 Animal
05 Why Go
06 Dissident
07 Jeremy
08 Glorified G
09 Daughter/improv("Time to Realign")
10 Alive
11 Rearviewmirror
12 improv("Thank You")
13 Blood
14 Rats
15 Once
16 Porch/(Tearing)
17 improv("Fuck Me in the Brain")
18 "Shoe Rant"(Ramblings)

01 encore
02 Sonic Reducer
03 Even Flow
04 "White Flag"
05 Indifference
06 Baba O'Riley


Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
notes: This show, originally planned for the LA area, was problematic with respect to parking and cold temperatures. The unruly crowd was moshing in line during the soundcheck and to PA music! Before PJ started, a roadie sang a hysterical rendition of 'Copa Cabana.' The audience is launching shoes at the stage even before and during the opening acts. In fact, during Eleven's set, a shoe hits Jack Iron's bass drum, he stops the song and says that if he finds out who threw it he would make him pay for the damages (quite pissed). Finally, PJ hits the stage, with the audience behaving outrageously. Prior to 'Deep,' Ed remarks, "Kill your local rapist, but torture him first, then serve him to your enemy for dinner." Later: "The first guy I met today gave me this book and asked if I wanted to know the secret for living forever." Tossing it into the crowd, he says, "Why the fuck would I want to live forever?" During 'Porch,' Ed invites the audience to spit at him. The agitated crowd, continuing to throw stuff onto the stage, leads Ed to comment that "... me and Jeff are going to the front gate and when you exit, we are going to beat the shit out of every barefoot person here"  and "... throw a gun so I can shoot you." The band eventually plays from behind their amps so they won't be hit by the flying shoes. This audience was awful. The recording of 'Blood' from this show is released on the 'Daughter' single. 'Fuck Me in the Brain' was released later on the third fan club single (as 'Ramblings'). The guys deserve a medal for playing this long and this well despite the rowdy crowd.

Artwork Notes:
The artwork included for this show will allow you to print out a booklet, by printing out the two pages of inserts (front and back), and then stapling them together at the fold. If you don't want to go to all this trouble (even though the end result is kind of cool) and just want to print out a traditional insert, you could use page 4 and 5 as the inside insert.

This is being distributed by, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Originally compiled by BLG, more notes by spacedvest on 10/18/03


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