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Pearl Jam 2000-09-05 Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake Pittsburgh, PA(SV037 - "AWASH")

Pearl Jam
SV037 - "AWASH"
September 5, 2000
Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake: Pittsburgh, PA

Show Source: Official Bootleg #48 (silver) > EAC v0.95pb3 > wav > flac
Ed's Solo Preset Source: Schoeps CCM-4 > Beyer MV-100 pre-amp > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8 (15th row center) > dat > cdr > dEdit > flac

Preset Editing: Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson

Ed's solo preset:
01 intro
02 Trouble (~)
03 Dead Man
04 Parting Ways (^)
05 Naked Eye (~)(^)

Pearl Jam main set:
06 Even Flow
07 Hail, Hail
08 Animal
09 Corduroy
10 Grievance
11 In My Tree
12 Nothing as it Seems
13 Light Years
14 Daughter/(Bull In The Heather)/(Androgynous Mind)
15 Leatherman
16 Better Man/(Save it for Later)
17 Sleight of Hand

01 Given to Fly
02 Last Exit
03 Rearviewmirror
04 I Got Shit
05 Black
06 Porch
07 encore
08 Breakerfall
09 Go
10 Once
11 Mankind
12 Elderly Woman...
13 Crazy Mary
14 Wash
15 I Got You (#)
16 Insignificance
17 Baba O'Riley (^)

(~) = Last time performed to this date.
(^) = Performed with Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, and Jim O'Rourke of Sonic Youth
(#) = Last time performed as a band to this date.

Recording Notes:
In order to fit the preset with the main set, the main set had to be retracked, basically adding a new cut inbetween "Sleight of Hand" and "Given to Fly". No fades were added so as to make it possible to reassemble the original bootleg if the preset was removed (the original bootleg order is disc 1 ends with "Rearviewmirror" and disc 2 starts with "I Got Shit"). The level of the preset was increased some up until the band kicks in during "Parting Ways", and then the whole preset was then normalized.

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
The 'Daughter' tag (Sonic Youth's 'Bull in the Heather') is a surprise. (This hasn't been tagged on 'Daughter' since the '96 tour and is more extended.) Ed runs off the stage during 'Daughter,' returning with a sheet of lyrics that he uses to sing the tag. The band is very manic tonight. Ed lets a fan in the front count off the "1,2,3,4" to open 'Porch' and Mike smashes a guitar. He tosses it up into the air, and then after it crashes to the ground, he picks it up and then smashes it to smithereens against a speaker. Ed throws himself full speed at the same speaker. Before the first encore, Ed says that it's usually the second to last show of the tour that's the best, but not this time -- the last show of the tour is the best one. During 'Go' Ed is running around centerstage backwards in a circle. Lots of glowstick throwing. Ed throws one from the stage to the upper half of the pavilion. Both Mike and Ed have their fun kicking beach balls into the crowd. Stone before 'Mankind': "All right, I'm gonna sing one!" 'I Got You' includes two band huddles, where they all strum each of their guitars trying to figure out the right notes for the song. After the first one, Ed says "I think we got it", only to have to meet again because they don't have it. Ed comes back, spreads his arms and says, "What the fuck?" At the conclusion, Stone quips, "Nothing like a little improv." He also says it had been a tough tour, but the fans are making it tough for him to quit. Members of Sonic Youth help out with 'Baba,' ending with Ed doing multiple Townshend jumps and windmills.

The Wash Story: Just before 'Crazy Mary,' Ed says that they are getting to the part of the show now where they were going to get a little crazy, "or to borrow from another Seattle band, they are going to go 'Crazy On You'" (a nod to Heart). Ed then mentions that there is a woman with a white umbrella, and he wants security to find her and to bring her down to the side of the stage. "She's OK; let her come on down." After 'Crazy Mary' Ed asks if they found the person with the umbrella (which they did - Pete went out to find her). So then the person (hi, Amy!!) is brought out from sidestage, and they have a private conversation, after which Ed says, "Hey everybody, this is Amy ... I asked her how many shows she's been to,'cause we've seen her at like the last 12 or 15. She said over a hundred. Oh my God (hugging Amy). And then Ed proceeds to take Stone's stool, and puts it down right next to his microphone, and sits her on that stool and they play 'Wash.' After the song, Ed introduces her to all of the band members; Mike hugs her, Stone kisses her and she has a brief chat with all of them.

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