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David Bowie 1974-06-19 Public Auditorium, Cleveland, OH

David Bowie - Public Auditorium, Cleveland, 19th June 1974


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1. 1984
2. Rebel Rebel
3. Moonage Daydream
4. Sweet Thing
5. Changes
6. Suffragette City
7. Alladin Sane
8. All The Young Dudes
9. Cracked Actor
10. When You Rock 'N' Roll With Me
11. Watch That Man
12. Drive-In Saturday
13. Space Oddity
14. Diamond Dogs
15. Panic In Detroit
16. Big Brother
17. Time
18. The Width Of A Circle
19. The Jean Genie
20. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

This show comes from the Old Gold CDR "A Guided Show" (OGCD 110) for the major part, and "You're Knocking Me Dead" (OGCD 111) for the last three tracks. Peculiarly, the fellow who recorded this concert gave a running commentary on the visual occurrences during the show, which now serves as an insight into the show which to this date is not, in it's entirety, available on video.

I traded for these many years ago from the initial source of the Old Gold disks, (I believe) a fellow who copied a friend's low gen tapes to CDR and made the artwork himself.

To that end, I have included the "A Guided Show" artwork, but be aware that the last 3 tracks came from a different disk. While those tracks came from the "You're Knocking Me Dead" release, that title contains the concert from the Cobo Theatre in Detroit from 22nd June 1974, and I'll be uploading that one in due course with it's artwork. This 2 CDR set also contains the last 3 tracks from "Future Legend" (OGCD 112) which is from the Rochester concert of the 17th June 1974. This full concert was uploaded yesterday with the artwork for that title.

So, all in all... 3 titles but 4 disks... You can keep them in the concert order, as uploaded here, or append the last 3 tracks from each of the first two titles to the end of the second disk of the third title, and use the artwork included in the torrents. The choice is yours. If you find my explanation confusing, you can download the artwork for the three titles (in advance) from Mind Warp PaVilion ( - it is easier understood from them. :-)

One word about the quality... it's not so good, so if you need that better quality concert, these are not for you. While they might be OK for 1974, I'd recommend that only die-hard fans like me download them. In any case, you can download a single song from each of the torrents to get a sample. ;)


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