Monday, April 10, 2017

Genesis 1977-01-15 Or 14 ( Late Show ) Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh

 Hi to all

Welcome to my series of mostly uncirculated masters & very low generation shows that i recorded or received in trades in my younger days most of my masters
have not been circulated or only traded once or twice i used to trade a lot in the 70s - 80s & i have many many shows well in excess of 7,500 tapes
Of these shows about 120 - 150 are  my masters they where always on my trading list but not many got traded so i boxed them all up in the late 80s now i have
decided to go through them  & upload some of them.
I recorded many bands from Genesis – Bowie – Springsteen  - Hawkwind  - Hackett – Gabriel – Marillion plus many many others i will try & upload a least
one  show a week if not two.
To record theses shows i used a Sony portable hand held tape recorder with built in stereo mics.  I always used good quality tapes to record on mainly T.D.K.
I used to insert the tape deck in a empty coffee flask with the inside taken out of the flask to get past the security ah those where the days.
The only thing i ask is please don’t sell these recording & don’t convert to mp3 etc & if you do ( only for your own use ).  Please don’t change any of the files or
info files etc this is so that people can tell the difference between this source & other sources as many people like to compare different versions of shows.
Also please do not remaster these shows the reason for this is these days there are far to many remasters of shows. Its ok have one remaster etc, but some are
remastered that many times by different people there can be at least 10 different remasters of a show from the same source & it can get a bit tedious.

On to the show for your enjoyment Davros archives presents :-

Genesis - 1977-01-15 Or 14 ( Late Show )  Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh  (DAVROS059)

Linage :-  Tape Trade  ( TDK-D c90 ) - Demon tape deck - Yamaha Reciever - Phono Leads Into PC Soundcard - Nero Wave Editor -
               Wav - Tracks split - Traders Little Helper - Flac8 - SBE Checked - You.


01. ROBBERY ASSAULT AND BATTERY. ( 1st minute missing )
07. 11th EARL OF MAR.
09. SUPPERS READY. ( no story )

Now about this tape i got it way back in the really early 80s dated has the 15th now according to the Genesis database tapes with this date are mis-dated
has they are from the 14th ( late show ) now on the one on the database it ends with Dance On A Volcano/ Los Endos and is missing The Lamb encore.
now this version does not have  the Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos but does have the Encore of The Lamb so im not to sure which date this is
So if anyone can comfirm the correct date for this recording and does anyone have the full show ?
The quality is fair

Many many thanks to the trader for sending me a copy & for the taper for taping the show.

I hope you enjoy this show please  if you want to upload it to other sites please wait a week or so as i will be uploading these shows to a couple of other torrent sites.
after it has run its course on here

As Usual Please dont convert to mp3 ( only for your own use if you do ) Please Keep all the info files md5 etc in the folder so that
other collectors know which version this is etc and  most of all DO NOT SELL.


This series is from my own personal collection they are NOT SOURCED FROM ANY CDRs / OTHER TORRENT SITES ETC.
They are from recordings that i traded for between 20 - 35 years ago on audio tape as stated above they have all been boxed up for the past 20 or so years.
This is the first time any of them have been Digitally transfered and torrented. All i am doing to the recordings in nero wave editor is inproving the volume ( if low),
also equallizing the left and right channel where needed. Removing hiss etc ( If i can ).
Recordings in this series that have a generation linage are the correct linage as to what i was told when i was sent the recordings. Most of the traders i traded
with where well known traders so i have no reason to believe they are not the true Linage if i had any doubt to the linage at the time i did not write it
down on the tape so all the low generation recordings in this series have a well known and correct linage.

Please do not remaster any of theses If you wish to do remastering of this source find yourself a better quality version and remaster that.
This version is how i remembered hearing it all them years ago and how it sounded when it was recorded the way it should be heard.   

Please also buy the bands offical stuff and support them etc.
Thanks to all the Artists for there great music and to all the traders for keeping live music alive.

Many thanks Doctordavros ( one day the daleks will rule ).


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