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Pearl Jam 1995-11-07 San Diego Sports Arena: San Diego, CA(SV056 - "THE MONKEYWRENCH CHRONICLES VOL. VI: RESOLVE")

Pearl Jam
November 7, 1995
San Diego Sports Arena: San Diego, CA

Show Source: 2-source mix: [Neumann KM-140 > HHb Pro 1 > dat > dEQ > dEdit >
             cdr > 44.1 kHz wav > 48 kHz wav > dEQ] + [MWFM > dat > 48kHz wav] >
             44.1 kHz wav > shn > flac

Aftershow Source: FM (91X pirated MWFM broadcast) > dat > cdr > EAC > dEdit > flac

Digital Editing, Remastering, and Mixing (PJ Set): Fred Evans
Digital Editing (DJ Aftershow): Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson

DISC ONE - Pearl Jam Set (part I)
01 Oceans
02 Go
03 Animal
04 Last Exit
05 Tremor Christ
06 Corduroy
07 Rearviewmirror
08 Better Man
09 Even Flow
10 Why Go (*)
11 Deep (*)
12 Red Mosquito
13 Glorified G
14 Daughter/(I Believe in Miracles)/(Touch of Grey)/(W.M.A.) (@)

DISC TWO - Pearl Jam Set (part II)
01 Jeremy ("new" reworked version) ($)
02 Not For You
03 I Got Shit
04 "New Guitar, Please"
05 Lukin
06 Whipping
07 This Boy (#)
08 Alive
09 Black
10 Blood
11 encore 1:
12 Spin the Black Circle
13 "Surfrider Foundation"
14 Leaving Here
15 I Can't Explain (~)
16 Porch
17 encore 2:
18 Yellow Ledbetter

DISC THREE - Monkeywrench DJ Post Show (part I)
01 "Call Us"
02 Animal - Sex Pistols
03 Dumpling - Fluf
04 R Righteous - Danger Gens
05 "On Your Mind"
06 ? - ? (%)
07 Carousel - Blink (182)
08 Stay in Your House - Gas Huffer
09 ? - ? (^)
10 Glass Dick - Jazz Lee Alston
11 "The Ramones"
12 Telephone Call From Istanbul - Tom Waits
13 Wait in the Shade - Superunloader
14 Gimmie Some Good Times - Lou Reed
15 "Improvisations"
16 Latin Roots - Fugazi
17 "The San Diego Scene"
18 Satellite of Love (live) - Lou Reed
19 Tuned Out - Helmet
20 Apolitical - Big Boys
21 Hollywood Swinging - Big Boys
22 Go Again (rough mix) - Los Gusanos

DISC FOUR - Monkeywrench DJ Post Show (part II)
01 "Eddie and Joey"
02 Soul Craft - Bad Brains
03 My Dad Sucks - Descendants
04 "On the Simpsons"
05 Crawl into Tomorrow - Kingface
06 West Seattle Acid Party - Zeke
07 Animal - Sweat Engine
08 Cooky Puss - Beastie Boys
09 Leeches - Juned
10 Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio? - The Ramones
11 "Political Figures and Fruits"
12 Crooked Bird - Gas Huffer
13 24-7 Years - Fluf
14 "Joey for President"
15 Keep Your Mouth off My Sisters - Bobby Miller
16 Leaving Here - Pearl Jam
17 Casper the Homosexual Friendly Ghost (live) - Wesley Willis
18 "Jovi, Joey, and Mike"
19 Jumpy - West Coast Modern Day Punk Rock Orchestra
20 "Goodbyes"
21 Spin the Black Circle - Pearl Jam
22 A Real Good Time - The Ramones

(*) After this performance, these songs would not be played again until the 2003
    tour ("Deep" in 4/3/2003 at Oklahoma City, OK; and "Why Go" in 07/01/03 at
    Bristow, VA).
(@) Only time "Touch of Grey" has ever been teased.
($) One of the few times ever that this arrangement was performed live.
(#) Last time performed.
(~) First time performed.
(%) JR's website monkeywrenchradio.org had this song labeled as "No Image" from
    Public Image Ltd. After some research, I could not find any evidence of this
    being correct.
(^) I could not identify this song...the only clue I could determine is that it
    has a sample from the 1976 movie "Taxi Driver".

FGE Recording Notes:
End of 'Last Exit' and part of 'Better Man' are missing from Neumann source. Encores
of MWFM source were sampled at 32kHz. All resampling, equalizing, and mixing was
done with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 at maximum accuracy settings.

Spacedvest Recording Notes:
FGE originally had converted his tracks using SHN in Sept. 2004, and these tracks
were reconverted into FLAC, to try and keep things simple (the aftershow was in FLAC
format). BLG recently discovered that the 30-second cut during 'Better Man' and the
tape warp problem at the end of 'Corduroy' are *not* present on the Neumann master,
but it didn't seem to make sense to redo everything when the problems were already
fixed nicely by Fred. Kind of ironically, the Monkeywrench aftershow was captured
and "pirated" by San Diego station 91X. The 91X broadcast was recorded and is what
is included in this release. The aftershow has a few minor places where it breaks
up, but overall it is complete (some commercials were omitted), and not too bad in
terms of sound quality.

Artwork and Release Notes:
This release consists of discs 15, 16, 17, and 18 in a fan-created 18-disc boxed set
called "The Monkeywrench Chronicles".

Special Note:
A huge effort has been made to identify all the tracks that were played, with most
of them successfully found, but a couple of them still could not be identified.
The MW songs that are played transcend many different styles and they are almost
always from indie bands and/or by groups that are not very "popular", but they are
of great caliber music. If you have any knowledge of the two tracks marked with a
"?" on disc 3, please send an email to spacedvest@hotmail.com, so we can correct
the artwork and try and spread a corrected text file. Any help you can give will
be greatly appreciated!

Extra Special Thanks:
John Reynolds, Dan Leehr, Bill Graham, Michael Morrissey

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
As is the case typically, the second show in the same venue never disappoints and
this show is no exception and Mike is having a wild night. At the end of 'Tremor
Christ,' Ed comments, "Hello kiddies. Get comfortable; we're gonna be here for a
while." At the end of 'Why Go,' Ed raises his guitar overhead, as if preparing to
smash it, but a tech swipes it from his hands and Ed looks terribly surprised! Ed
clearly shows how he feels about 'Glorified G,' substituting the lyrics,
"... glorified version of I hate this song" twice, looking over his shoulder at
Stone and half smiling. ;) Experiencing tuning problems at the end of 'I Got Shit,'
Ed tosses his guitar and says, "New guitar, please! After all, I am a rock star."
Pretty humorous. 'Lukin' sports an ambient guitar intro, ending with a quick "1234"
leading to a snappy 'Whipping.' Ed returns to the stage on a skateboard for the
first encore, and Stone ges a small fire going at the base of Ed's mic stand. 'Spin
the Black Circle' is introed as "a love song." Mentioning that the two San Diego
shows help raise $50,000 donated to the Surfrider Foundation leads to a comment
about how they had messed up the next song the previous night. Then Ed flubs the
start of 'Leaving Here,' and notes that "it's really a rather hard song to play" but
then they kick into it. This show is a fine conclusion to a wild 1995 tour.

This is being distributed by blackredyellow.com in tandem with
pj.sidewalkcrusaders.com, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in
existence. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at blackredyellow.com.

Original show notes compiled on 9/14/04 by FGE. More notes by spacedvest on 2/12/05.


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