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Pearl Jam 2000-06-22 Fila Forum Arena: Milan, Italy(SV040 - "Nell'occhio del Beholder")

Pearl Jam
SV040 - "Nell'occhio del Beholder"
June 22, 2000
Fila Forum Arena: Milan, Italy

Source: 2-source mix: [Official Bootleg #20 (silver)] + [Schoeps MK5 > R-Mod > Sony PCM-M1 (dead center in stands, about 50ft from stage) > dat] > dEQ > flac > dEdit > flac

Matrix Mix and Digital Remastering: ThinAir (January 2004)
Digital Editing (some retracking and fades only): Allen Robertson (February 2004)
Artwork: SF 2004

DISC ONE: (set)
01 intro
02 Of the Girl
03 Corduroy
04 Grievance
05 Gods' Dice
06 Animal
07 Given to Fly
08 Rival
09 Elderly Woman
10 Even Flow
11 Not for You
12 Thin Air
13 Light Years
14 MFC
15 Present Tense
16 Daughter
17 Jeremy
18 Go

DISC TWO: (encores)
01 encore 1
02 Nothingman
03 Sleight of Hand
04 Better Man
05 Wishlist
06 Insignificance
07 Rearviewmirror
08 Do the Evolution
09 Garden
10 State of Love and Trust (^)
11 Black
12 encore 2
13 Smile
14 Rockin' In The Free World

(^) includes a few licks of "Hunger Strike" at beginning

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
Excellent show -- the band is on -- Stone is more animated tonight. Not quite on fire, but definitely on. INCREDIBLE audience. Ed is sporting the striped jacket at the start of the show again. At one point, a soccer ball reaches the stage and Ed plays a bit, with Jeff being the goalkeeper and blocking the ball with his bass. Much singing, much hand-clapping in the middle of songs, many lighters held up, and much yelling "hey, hey, hey" and such. In fact, the audience takes the 'Daughter' tag away from Ed. Just as he is getting ready to sing something, the crowd starts singing/yelling "hey, hey, hey." Ed is taken aback but delighted. He goes with it and starts singing various sounds to see if the audience will repeat, and they do! Then he decides to have a little fun with it and sings at a higher and higher key until the audience cannot follow along. The extended tag ends with Ed dropping to his knees as if to pay homage to the audience. After 'Not For You,' Ed says, "... of course it was not for Italy, this is for you...if you are in love." 'Not for You's' slow ending (played only by Ed and Jeff) leads gracefully into 'Thin Air.' 'MFC' is introduced by Ed saying that the last time he was in Italy he fell in love: "She was beautiful and small ... she had four wheels and was called 'mini'. This is a song about my love for her." 'Present Tense' is played with only Mike and Ed, Stone appearing before the second chorus, and Jeff and Matt after. Ed takes maybe four audience polaroids immediately after returning for the first encore. He then holds up the pictures and says, "These are pictures of the best singers in the world. If you are still good, we will play a lot more. Get comfortable." Ed introduces 'Sleight of Hand' by saying it is a new song that the audience might not know very well. Introducing 'Wishlist,' Ed says that this is one of the best times he has had here. Awesome jamming moment during the ending distortion of 'RVM.' Ed says, "Since this is the fashion capitol of the world, let's try this on," leading to 'Garden.' Before "Smile," Ed comments, "This is how we are gonna feel." Ed throws a harmonica to a specific person in the crowd at the end of 'Smile.' The wrong person apparently gets it and Ed attempts to interfere but then backs off looking satisfied. (The fan who gave up the harmonica got a pick.) He says that it's a long story but that he just saw something beautiful happen. A great version of 'RITFW' ends the show.

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Original notes by ThinAir on January 2004, more notes by spacedvest on 2/5/04.


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