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Pearl Jam 2000-08-07 Philips Arena: Atlanta, GA(SV046 - "SONIC RECONSTRUCTOR" )

Pearl Jam
August 7, 2000
Philips Arena: Atlanta, GA

Source: Official Bootleg #29 (silver) > EAC v0.95pb3 > wav > flac

Artwork: Allen Robertson

01 Release
02 Corduroy
03 Insignificance
04 Animal
05 Hail, Hail
06 Nothing As It Seems
07 Rival
08 Given to Fly
09 Light Years
10 Do the Evolution
11 Even Flow
12 In Hiding
13 Daughter/(The Wrong Child)/(Androgynous Mind)
14 (Romanza)/Better Man

01 Nothingman
02 Leatherman
03 Grievance
04 Rearviewmirror
05 encore 1:
06 Once
07 Breakerfall
08 Immortality
09 Crazy Mary
10 Elderly Woman...
11 Porch
12 Fuckin' Up
encore 2:
13 Yellow Ledbetter

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
Prior to 'NAIS,' Ed greets the crowd (with bottle of wine in hand), "Toast to Atlanta." He takes a sip and proclaims, "It's good tonight." After 'Rival,' he turns around to say hello to the fans seated behind the stage comparing them to the "b-side" of a record. 'DTE' lyrics are changed to, "I'm Ted Turner and this is my choir." After a great version of 'In Hiding,' the lights are on the crowd enough for Ed to comment on the set up of Phillips Arena saying, "It looks like these people are free (pointing to his right) and these people are in prison (referring to the luxury boxes that are stacked on top of each other like prison cells). He says that Ted Turner must sit right in the middle of all the "prison cells" and calls it the "king's crotch," unzipping his pants! He also talks about a new planet discovered yesterday and that Ted has already made an offer. Continuing, "This seems like a nice building and we're happy to play here. And he (Turner) owns it but he doesn't own us." 'Better Man' features Ed's short classical guitar intro titled 'Romanza' (or 'Spanish Romance'). [The author is anonymous; Canadian guitarist Liona Boyd probably has the best known recording for those interested.] The gender roles are reversed in the 'Nothingman' lyrics. During 'Grievance,' a light is shined on the American flag at the top of the arena on the first "I pledge my grievance to the flag."  After 'Breakerfall,' Ed says they finished up their last record here in Atlanta with Brendan O'Brien and how he likes Atlanta, and that "we spent enough time here where we know streets and we know names and we know gay bars (laughing) ..."  Ed has trouble with the start of 'Immortality' and Stone comes over and helps out laughing, "vacate is the ...". During the full and beautiful "Crazy Mary," Ed jumps down to the barricades and "passes around" his bottle of wine with many people in the front row. An absolutely beautiful, fitting moment. The entire encore is amazing, capped off by 'Fuckin' Up' when Ed smashes the mic stand with his tambourine. Ed takes more polaroids before 'YL' and Matt leads the crowd in clapping during Mike's solo.

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