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Pearl Jam 2001-10-22 Groundwork 2001 Benefit Key Arena: Seattle, WA(SV048 - "GROUNDWORK")

Shawn Smith/Pearl Jam/R.E.M.

Shawn Smith
Groundwork 2001 Benefit
October 19, 2001
Experience Music Project's Sky Church: Seattle, WA

Pearl Jam/R.E.M.
Groundwork 2001 Benefit
October 22, 2001
Key Arena: Seattle, WA

Shawn Smith Source: mono sbd webcast (300 kbps feed) > shn > wav > flac
PJ/REM Source: 2-source mix: [unknown AUD] + [mono sbd webcast (300 kbps feed)] > dEQ > shn > wav > flac

PJ/REM Digital Mixing and Remastering: (undisclosed)
Artwork: (undisclosed)

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01 Shining
02 Purple Rain
03 -=New Song=-
04 The Day Brings
05 Upon My Shoulders
06 Suffering
07 Brothers and Sisters
08 Crown of Thorns
09 Buttercup

01 Gimme Some Truth
02 Grievance
03 Insignificance
04 Given to Fly
05 Light Years
06 Nothing As It Seems
07 I Am Mine
08 Better Man
09 Do the Evolution
10 Long Road (with Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

01 intro
02 Losing My Religion
03 All the Way to Reno/(You're Gonna Be A Star)
04 Daysleeper
05 The Great Beyond
06 Thank You
07 Better Man
08 So Fast, So Numb
09 The One I Love
10 She Just Wants to Be
11 Let Me In
12 Find The River
13 Imitation of Life
14 Walk Unafraid
15 Man on the Moon
16 I've Been High
17 It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) part 1
18 People Have the Power
19 It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) part 2

(^) performed by Ed solo

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          Pearl Jam Show Notes
               (thanks to Five Horizons)
This benefit for hunger was webcast. Opening with Lennon's 'Gimme Some Truth' and then strongly accelerating through 'Grievance' and 'Insignificance,' it appears that PJ is ready to plug in after the prior two night's acoustic shows! Ed sets the guitar aside halfway through 'Insignificance,' grabbing it and taking an ebow to it in the modified midsection breakdown. There's a bit of a false start to 'Light Years,' but it's 'GTF' with 'Light Years' following. Ed holds a high note for a long time during 'Better Man' and the whole band picks up during the jam at the end (with the "This is one of those times, you've got to try; won't you please, be mine ... don't let me down ..." tag). 'DTE' just kicks ass-wow! Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan vocalizes halfway through 'Long Road,' and he and Ed share a long embrace while Ed plays out on guitar to close the song and the set. Very touching moment. During R.E.M.'s set (following PJ's), they play about 1/3 of 'Better Man' (jury is out as to whether it was affectionate or mocking) and then during a fiery 'People Have The Power' inserted into the middle of 'It's the End of the World As We Know It,' Ed comes running behind the drumkit from stage right to a microphone set up for him stage left. Ed sings backing vocals and takes a verse and imitates Michael dancing when they go back into 'ITEOTW,' and even sings a few bars, and the two hug for an extended period of time (both wearing little fedoras) at the end. Unexpected and surprisingly intense ending to tonight's show.

           R.E.M. Show Notes
                    (thanks to VH1)

R.E.M. closed out the night with a 14-song set, most of which was culled from their past five years of recording. Like Pearl Jam, R.E.M. largely eschewed hits in favor of lesser-knowns such as "Let Me In" (from 1994's Monster) and "So Fast, So Numb" (from 1996's New Adventures in Hi-Fi) as well as four tunes from this year's Reveal. Stipe dedicated Automatic for the People's "Find the River" to the Rev. Howard Finster, who painted the cover for the band's LP Reckoning (1984). Finster died earlier in the day from heart failure at age 84 (see "R.E.M., Talking Heads Cover Artist Rev. Howard Finster Dies"). The band capped their encore with an adrenalized, if predictable, take on "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," which then blossomed into a rousing version of Patti Smith's "People Have the Power." With Vedder assisting on vocals, Stipe issued a rallying call to action. "C'mon!" Stipe demanded. "Are you alive? Is this a moment in time that you choose to be alive? Who are you?" As he and Vedder shimmied and the tune wound down, Stipe's invocation served as a reminder of both the anti-hunger mission at hand and the other worthy causes that nearly eclipsed it.

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