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Stevie Ray Vaughan 1981-07-22 Chef's, Baton Rouge, LA

Stevie Ray Vaughan .... July 22, 1981
Chef's, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals
Chris Layton - drums
Tommy Shannon - bass

Taper, Taping Gear, Trader: ??unknown??
Lineage: "AUD" master cassettes> 1st generation analog cassette tapes> DAT> Sony 60ES via optical cable to PowerMac G5 (flac)> Trade (single) Flac file>  (wav) Trader's Little Helper > CD Wave & Wave Joiner> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Transfer, DAT to FLAC lineage: Sony 60ES via optical cable to PowerMac G5, by "keytohwy". Thank You!!!
Mastering: Roryglzep (JAJ) with CD Wave (dithered 48>44.1kHz, track splits, no EQ'ing, no speed changing, etc.)
Trades: Louisiana Trader> (DAT) keytohwy> (flac) roryglzep (JAJ)
Quality: vg+
Length: 15 tracks = 79:21 minutes
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.

Set list:

01 instrumental
02 Come On (Part 3)
03 Look at Little Sister
04 Dirty Pool
05 You'll Be Mine
06 Letter To My Girlfriend
07 May I Have A Talk With You
08 Tin Pan Alley
09 (cuts in) I'm Leavin' You (Commit A Crime)
10 Slide Thang
11 Manic Depression, band intros (encore audience cheer)
12 Lenny
13 instrumental
14 (slight cut in) Guitar Hurricane
15 Wham

There are a few tape source cuts between songs, but no music lost unless specified.

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