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Stevie Ray Vaughan 1981-10-14 Fitzgeralds Houston, Texas

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Houston, Texas
October 14, 1981

Disc 1
1)  Collin's Shuffle
2)  In the Open
3)  Come On (Part III)
4)  Look At Little Sister
5)  Thunderbird
6)  The Sky Is Crying
7)  I'm Cryin'
8)  Crosscut Saw
9)  Shake For Me
10) Wham

Disc 2
1)  Hideaway
2)  So Excited
3)  Pride and Joy
4)  Tin Pan Alley
5)  Love Struck Baby
6)  May I Have A Talk With You
7)  Letter To My Girlfriend
8)  Little Wing
9)  Manic Depression

Disc 3
1)  Boilermaker
2)  Close To You
3)  You'll Be Mine
4)  You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
5)  Empty Arms
6)  Slide Thing
7)  I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)
8)  Texas Flood
9)  Rude Mood
10) Don't Lose Your Cool

Notes:  This show has been circulated as the bootleg entitled 'Force of Nature'.  FON included only 24 tracks.  The sound is outstanding and the performance by Stevie is raw and enormous and just about the most awesome blues power you will EVER want to hear.  A number of years after obtaining FON, I located a copy of the source tapes that are generations away from the original tapes.  The tapes include five more songs than the FON discs.  The sound isn't as good on the tapes.  Because this was such an incredible show, it really needs to be circulated intact in it's original form.  Obviously, the best thing would be to obtain the original tapes and torrent from those.  However, since it took a number of years of searching for me to obtain these tapes as it is, I figure the next best thing is to improvise.  Therefore, the logical solution is a hybrid, which is presented in this torrent.
The tapes had the same song order as identfied in the gig database, which is different from FON.  I listened closely throughout these shows for audio clues, tape breaks, continuity between songs, etc.  Based on my research and the things that Stevie says during the show, I am 95% certain that the tape setlist (and gig database) are correct...which means that the FON setlist would be incorrect.  This is supported by the fact that Stevie is introduced before the first song on the tapes, and he definitely signs off for the night just prior to 'Don't Lose Your Cool' which is the last song on the tapes, but is on FON disc 1 but not even at the end. 
So, Tracks 1 - 4 from Disc 1 and track 7 from disc 2 are supplemented from the lower quality tape source.  I made sure that the breaks in the songs were as close as possible to the original tapes so as to preserve as much as the show as perfectly as possible.  If anyone ever runs across the original FON source tapes, do us all a favor and seed those things!
Make you download this show if you are even remotely interested in Stevie, because you will be GREATLY rewarded by this show.  Highlights amongst the shining stars are 'You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now', 'Crosscut Saw', and 'Letter To My Girlfriend' all of which which Stevie unfortunately stopped performing in around '82.

Source:  Audience Audio
Conversion:  Audition 1.0 > CDWave (for track splits) > FLAC


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