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The Eagles 1974-07-26 Boston Garden, Boston, MA

The Eagles 1974-07-26 Boston Garden, Boston, MA

Source: AUD > MC [Joe Maloney; maloneyjoe68_at_aol_dot_com]  > shn by

Jamie Salerno [jjs4_at_cwru_dot_edu]

Disc 1 Set I [1:15:57]
1. Take It Easy
2. Outlaw Man
3. Already Gone
4. Doolin' Daltons
5. Desperado
6. Peaceful Easy Feeling
7. Midnight Flyer
8. Twenty-One
9. Blackberry Blossom
10. James Dean
11. Good Day in Hell
12. Keep On Tryin'
13. Witchy Woman

14. Chug All Night
15. Out of Control

Benefit for the North American Indian Foundation (opened for the Allman Brothers)
Also included are Toast/Jam printouts for the CD (so you can use the "Audio starts in Pause" timings to have a track end when the music stops and the subsequent track start when the music begins).

Recorded on a Sony TC-110A, using the built-in microphone (see  Original cassettes were transferred to a Mac DAW using a Denon DR-M10HR. The analog signal was first run through: a) a SAE 2800 parametric equalizer to bump the highs slightly and to remove "room boom" at around 80 MHz; & b) a Phase Linear Autocorrelator to remove hiss & expand the signal (the TC-110A did not have controls for recording; the recorder, designed for dictation, compressed the signal and recorded at a fixed level). Transferred to the Mac using a MOTU 896.  Bias Deck used to splice tape flips & even out volume level.  Bias Peak used to transfer SDII files to WAV files for shn compression.  Shntool used to correct SBEs.
This recording is one of literally dozens of concerts recorded by Joe Maloney in the late '60s - late '70s to be released to the live recording community.  The bulk of the concerts recorded were in the Boston area, with some in Maine venues.


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