Monday, May 29, 2017

The Police 1979-09-27 - Hotel Diplomat, NYC

The Police - 1979-09-27 - Hotel Diplomat, NYC

The show was originally broadcast on WPIX FM and is from a first
generation tape.  It is from fairly early in their career, and
the sound is fairly good.  I do not have the artwork for this one,
but do know that it exists, and hope that if anyone has it that
they will post it.

First Gen Tape > Akai CS-M01A > M-Audio Audiophile2496 > Sound Forge >


01. DJ Intro
02. So Lonely
03. Truth Hurts Everybody
04. Walking On The Moon
05. Hole In My Life
06. Fallout
07. Bring On The Night
08. Message In A Bottle
09. The Bed's Too Big Without You
10. Peanuts
11. Roxanne
12. Can't Stand Losing You

13. Landlord
14. Born In The 50's
15. Be My Girl - Sally
16. DJ Outro


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