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David Bowie 1974-09-05"A Sweet Thing... In Los Angeles '74" Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, California

David Bowie
"A Sweet Thing... In Los Angeles '74"
September 5, 1974
Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, California
(no label)
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Disc 1
01 Imagine                  (a)           
02 Aladdin Sane                  (b)
03 Introduction           
04 1984               
05 Rebel Rebel               
06 Moonage Daydream           
07 Sweet Thing               
08 Changes               
09 Suffragette City           
10 Aladdin Sane           
11 All The Young Dudes           
12 Cracked Actor           
13 Rock And Roll With Me       
14 Knock On Wood           
15 It's Gonna Be Me

Disc 2
01 Space Oddity           
02 Future Legend           
03 Diamond Dogs           
04 Big Brother               
05 Time               
06 The Jean Genie           
07 Rock 'n' Roll Suicide       
08 John I'm Only Dancing (Again)   
09 Panic In Detroit                  (c)   
10 Sorrow                  (d)       
11 Young Americans              (d)       
12 Can You Hear Me              (d)     
13 Somebody Up There Likes Me          (d)
14 Drive in Saturday              (e)

all tracks from Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles unless noted:

(a) 1983.12.08 Hong Kong Coliseum, Hung Hom, Hong Kong City, Hong Kong
(b) 1974.06.08 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
(c) 1974.07.12 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia
(d) 1974.10.28 Radio City Music Hall, New York
(e) 1974.06.16 Evening Show, O'Keefe Centre, Toronto

From the "Ziggy in Concert" website....

"This title is a copy of 'Strange Fascination' (Japan) with bonus
tracks taken from several other sources. This title handles the cut in
'All The Young Dudes' well and the discs logically split the concert.
Also included is the rare 1974 performance of 'Drive in Saturday.'

This is by far the best sounding material from the Diamond Dogs tour to
surface to date. Many agree that the quality of this performance easily
surpasses the officially released 'David Live' in set list and energy.
This title includes a ten minute introduction of street noises
climaxing with a women in the throws of orgasmic pleasure and finishes
with the promoter announcing that 'Mr. Bowie has left the theatre.
Thank you." 


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